Process journal From tobia donadon myp1

Today we went to the computer room and we started doing our music score (music score is a sofwter for composing some songs) it was Quite difficult because since we never tried it i was a bit confused and unformed. But I managed to do apart of ode to joy it was cool and interesting but at the same time difficult. You had to decide the measures and then you had to decide different things. I think here I Developed some organization skills and focus skills.
Today we finished the music score project I am and was very concentrated on this project because it was very important for me to get a high vote in music so I was very focused I got a bit the hand with music score so if there is gonna be on other project on music score I will be more confident. In all this Long process I think I developed the skills of thinking concentrating and listening, focused....
Today we worked Also on this ode to joy but this time we did it on garage band. It is very easer and cooler because now we can choose more instruments and also more tracks it's cool and faster here I developed the same skills really it was fantastic I loved using garage band because there were new tunes.

Peer evaluations Edoardo's v

The song is wonderful and very complex I think he could do better and he missed a note.

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