The golden rule

Do what you want to do to you

Don't brag! You should tell people what you got and not brag about you got. Some people may not be as fortunate a you are.

Avoid telling to much information! No one wants to know where you are, or where you are eating every day.

Think about the reader! Would you want here every thing that you do. Where you go out to eat or when your relationship is done know body really wants to know that.

Keep your relationship details to yourself. Everyone on social media dose not need to see a picture of your bae together.

Don't be a crypt. You do not be begging for attention.

Quit complaining! Not everyone dose not need to know what you are felling.

Curate your photos. You do not need to edit all of your photos and post things that do not need to be posted.

Change your settings. Give yourself some PRIVACY!

POST SMART! You need to make sure you only post what needs to be posted.


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