Robotics II: Anty By nate Hartkemeyer and Mark Brugger

Phase I:

The Goal:

The goal of this phase was to establish the build and code for the Anty robot model. With this the build would be similar to the way a ant functions. The codes that we created was done so that the Anty model would be able to: search for food, flee from predators, emit a chirping noise, and fall asleep.


Photos of Robot:

Here is a picture of our Anty model

Photos of Code:

This is the code for the robot to attack.
This is the code for the robot to make a chirping noise.
This is the code for the robot to flee a predator.
This is the code for the robot that allows it to search for food.
This is the code that sets Anty to sleep.
This is the code that corrects the wheel rotations so that the robot can function properly.
This is the code for the Anty model to activate the ultrasonic sensor and use it to detect objects.



This Robot model was easy to construct and build the code. The complex leg mechanic that this robot uses was a interesting change from the usual wheel rolling that we usually use for our robot models. The code that we used was easy to achieve due to the fact that we were able to copy the code directly from the paper with minor difficulty. However, we had some minor difficulty with the idea of creating our own "Code Blocks". Overall this project was very entertaining and enjoyable to construct and program our "Anty".

Phase II:

The Goal:

The goal of this phase with the Anty model was to control it with the Lego EV3 app. This Lego EV3 app connects to our EV3 brick through Bluetooth connection. This allows us to control the robot from a distance without using any code from our computer.

The Video:

In Conclusion:

This new way of controlling our robot is a easier way than the usual "guess and check" method and is much more efficient. We were able to do this phase with minor difficulties. the only difficulty I would say that we had was learning how to control the robot on the iPad correctly.


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