My Life Proposal Alexis VanHoosier

"Good Design is good business" (Watson 1)
I believe the that the key to a good business is a good image to draw people in. That is why I want to be a Graphic Designer so I can help that business get customers in by my artwork.
My Plan
After high school I plan on attending Maryville University get my B.F.A in Graphic Design, find a job in a high demand city, and find a business to work for.
Maryville has a Bachelor of Fine Art in Graphic Design. Their program is designed to give the students hands on experience in that field.
"Maryville has expert faculty members that are passionate about mentoring and helping each student identify a strong career path" (Maryville 1).
They requires a high school GPA of a 2.5 on a 4.0 scale.
My plan after college is to find a Graphic Design job.
What are Graphic Designers ?
"Graphic Designers create visual communications seen everyday, every minute across the globe" (Learn How 1).
Graphic Designers are the ones who make the image for companies. The designer can make their logo and can help them make shirts, pens, flyers, and business cards.
"Graphic designers are mostly full time to meet deadlines" (learn How 1).
Most Graphic Designers have a lot of experience before they go to college, they take art and design classes, and have internships.
For Example, over the summer I had the opportunity to job shadowed at Graphic Options for six weeks.
During my search for a job I will look in high demand cities.
"Graphic designers are needed more in bigger cities than smaller ones due to the size of the company and the population" (Value Penguin 1)
The thing about the graphic designer is that every company needs one. After all, every company has a look and a feel and – more literally – a logo
"San Francisco, CA for Graphic Designers the highest average salary $77, 940." (Value Penguin 1)
Other high demand big cities include: New York, LA, and Dallas
I'm most likely going to live in Dallas.
And then eventually have a family.

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