How to build a Warren bridge By: Jack Leffers


Popsicle sticks (around 200)

Rubber bands




A clean place to work on



1. First you will want to take 6 sticks and lay them on the table in a straight line about three inches apart and then do the same thing for the other side and make them parallel to each other.

2. Now you will put 5 sticks on each side laying across where each of the bottom sticks intersect.

3. You will now want to continue repeating step 2, stacking sticks on top of each other until each side is 5 sticks thick. Also you will want to remember that it might be difficult to keep the sticks together with the glue so you will want to leave them out overnight to harden and dry.


4. Now you will want to lay out 7 sticks and 6 sticks just above them about 3 inches apart. Then put on stick slanted to connect them on both ends.

5. Next, you will repeat step 4 to create another side.

6. After this, place sticks slanted across the side of both of the structures you just made.

7. You will then glue what you just made to both sides of the bottom.


8. The top is very simple, you just lay about 20 stick across the top of the two sides about 1 inch apart from each other.

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