endangered animal print MAX

we are given this linoem that is 7 by 5, we have to cut and carve into an endangered animal and print it into a white peace of paper the most challenging thing was carving out my whale the linoem was kind soft at first but over some days it became harder to remove and carve out and that was challenging.


my planning process was first to make a tiger i had other ideas like a polar bear or a brown bear but i ended up doing a whale and witch i am proud of and to show negative and positive space.

Some feed backs i got was that they liked the tiger and the designs in the whale and in the bear were great. i thought of doing the tiger but it was to hard with the water and to carve out many small little details.

sometimes the linoem was a little hard and broke off pieces and that was a problem but i worked around it by carving out more. I started carving out the whales then the bottom and then the top.

i think out of a 100% i did 85% of it good i could of done better if i had added more smaller designs but i am sure next time i do this i would be very good at it and do a much more better job.


Created with images by Pexels - "fish nature ocean"

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