England Claire Ripley

English citizens speak British English.

German invaders came to the United Kingdom with a British accent.

England is 4,424 mi from the United States. The United Kingdom is bordered by Germany, Ireland, France, Belgium, Denmark, Netherlands, and also Norway.

English has a wide range of jobs. There jobs are much like ours here in the United States.

English religion, is mostly Christianity, followed by Islam.

One of the most traditional dishes of the English, is yorkshire pudding, that consist of eggs,flour,and milk.

England is popular for football, rugby, and cricket. England is good at football and has won 5 world cups.

enjoy folk music, which includes bagpipes, fiddles and harps. Some of there traditional dances include waltzes, reels, and jigs.

The English do not have any ¨special¨ clothing. They wear jeans and a tee shirt, and business suits if required.

The United Kingdom houses are very much like ours in the United States.

The queen of The United Kingdom is Queen Elizabeth ll, Prince Charles will be the King once Queen Elizabeth ll dies.

Queen Elizabeth ll

Viking invaded England. It started in 937 and ended 1066. (Vikings power was broken.)

Norman Conquest of England, started in 1066 and ended 1088. (Norman victory)

First Crusade in 1096 to 1099. (Crusader victory)

Second Crusade was from 1145 to 1149. ( Muslim victory)

John Dunstable (1390 – 1453) English composer of polyphonic music.

William Tyndale (1494–1536 ) was one of the first persons to print the Bible in English. He worked on translating the Bible into English.

William Byrd (1543 – 1623) English composer of the Renaissance. He helped the development of Anglican church music.

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