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Editorial: By Alpheus Llantero

If there is anything that defined the General Academic strand those few minutes that we were introduced to the first batch of the Ateneo Senior High School, it was that we were those people who were still finding out their inclinations, interests, and – more simply, these were the people that did not know what to do with their life. Aloof, unguided, and without a sense of their place in the world is an easy generalization of the General Academic.

There may be some truth in these cynical arguments to this underrated strand – but let us look at the significance of being limitless, of being unconfined. We are at the advantage to explore what lies around the boxes of certain specialized subjects. We walk around, picking and choosing as we like, combining skills and talents into one unique mix that, I assume, would be the most practical under the set-up of the strand.

This publication celebrates those possibilities and new ideas that arise out of the unconformities presented in learning about Disaster Readiness and Risk Reduction or Organization and Management. We celebrate everyone who has the belief that one can delve themselves into whatever they want. We celebrate the astronomer, the athlete, the artist, that lives in one person.

It is a celebration of the wholeness of a human being, and the reality that in this world, hardly anyone follows the few rules that society places to direct an archetype, a book character that fits into predefined roles. It is the triumph of the push past the confines of a box, a push that aims to promote the unconfined being.

Teachers who form students in the GA strands


by Keanu Taclobao

The preferred of Ateneo Senior High Acceptance and Placement Exam (ASHAPE) takers are almost always either Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), Accounting, Business and Management (ABM) and Humanities and Social Sciences (HUMSS). The General Academic (GA) strand, is frequently left out in the dark, unchosen.

Even I myself when taking the exam did not choose or even consider picking GA as my strand for the Senior High. But alas, I did end up in this strand. And my opinion of the GA has indeed changed, and I don’t regret being a part of such a great strand. Before the ASHAPE I was discouraged by my friends from choosing this strand because it was a “bad” strand. There were loads of assumptions and negative perceptions towards the strand – being a place for people who are “patapon”, or a strand for drug users and cheaters, or for people who are too “basic”, for those that are too incompetent too have a specified strand for a career path.

I am ashamed to admit that I too did believe in these assumptions, but I was proven wrong and in the end it was proven that GA is as good, possibly even better than all the other available strands in Ateneo. First of all, GA ideally gives you the most freedom in your career path, for it doesn’t limit you to specified subjects (unlike other strands) and in the end gives you much broader and wider varieties of careers to choose from, and this pointer crosses out the assumption that GA is a useless strand.

The second assumption that I want to shoot down is that it is made up of “patapon” people, the strand consists of students who are top in their tests, quizzes and requirements and some GA students have even surpassed students from “superior” strands. Don’t seem so “basic” anymore right? And to add to all of this, there was limited space for all the other strands, so there could be people in GA that are “STEM material”, or “ABM material”, or “HUMMS material”, but were not able to get in because all the other slots have been taken.

The issue of discrimination in strands, mostly targeted at GA, has been an issue ever since the start, and unfortunately is still ongoing. This is depressing as Ateneo teaches values that should be made to unite people, not to generalize people and make stereotypes about them. To end this, I just want to state that no matter what strand you’re from, be it GA, HUMMS, ABM, or STEM, we are all the same. We are Ateneans. So instead of squabbling over who’s better and trying to put each other down with such vulgar comments, let us unite and set the world on fire together.

11-De brito FAMILY field trip

The List of Those People by simon Pasamba

“Are you wait-listed too?”

Some of the few lines that you would here if you would bother to walk the corridor of the General Academic Strand those first few days of school. The responses? A little prouder each time – “yes, yeah, yep!”

So much for reinforcing a lot of stereotypes. Admittedly, I did fall under this category, falling short of the academic prowess of the other strands. Still, I knew my capacity as a DJ, a music mixer, an artist.

There’s a certain expectation you’d have coming into the classroom, seeing the people that would stick with you for the entire year to come. Pretty lit, I guess? But also, oh, these people. The mix of athlete-jocks and pretty-boys that most would rather retreat from. These people. The non-academic. Then you realize, hey, I’m one of those non-academics too.

What a distinction, though. Is this how we’ve come to rank ourselves? The ones downstairs, HUMSS, they probably don’t struggle. Across the quadrangle? ABM, STEM? They got this, the more so – they’re good in math. And what is my classroom, really, compared to these academic people.

The first few months, I’ve really felt the burden of what Senior High really is. Come to school two hours before the Moderator’s period, sleep, work till near death to fail, and repeat. Same with my classmates, with batch mates, and everyone really. I failed math? I knew a STEM girl who failed English.

Senior High is a constant battle. It’s about pushing yourself to the breaking point only to come short. As if the world is trying to tell you, hey – you’re not invincible. You can’t do everything. And that’s okay. It’s a reminder that we’re very flawed and imperfect individuals. But we’re these individuals who can choose to be better. And being endowed with a mastery of studying habits may not be a strength of the majority. But hell, we make up for it. And so every day we go the Ateneo way, saying magis. We choose to be better than we were yesterday.

The People You Meet in Eleven-de Brito by trey cruz

The Triggered Artist – could pass as a debater but opts to continue doodling his way to a scholarship at a Fine Arts program somewhere.

The Foreigner – recognized by a different complexion, grabbing particular attention from men and women alike. Exemplifies the Arneyow accent.

Jeff – what do you think Jeff does? That’s exactly what a Jeff is.

The Class Clown – can be incredibly clever and stupid at the same time. By let’s say, ripping their pants in a dance routine on the podium.

The Saint – eyes looking up, you can tell how banal this one really is. Goes through a few religious texts, perhaps from another religion too.

The UAAP Champion – the darling of the collegiate sports world. Sponsored by Milo, perhaps, to combat the energy gap. Start your day the champion way, start it with this person in the morning.

The Taekwondo Princess – you don’t want to mess with her. Break your heart and she’ll break your entire body. Or maybe you don’t need to as a strong independent woman who don’t need no man.

The Football Boy – notice the jersey worn every day without fail, their shorts, shoes, and outstanding derriere. Also nonstop announcements regarding team wins, losses, and other triumphs.

The Conyo Palanca Awardee – defined by a wealth of knowledge in the English language and speech but a severe lack of Filipino vocabulary.

The Photoshop God – the fantasy world comes to life on this one’s laptop. They say pics or it didn’t happen, so here, made it happen.

The Dancing Ukuelele Gamer – hard to pin down. Involved in practically everything, what can’t this one do.

The Swag Lord – Gucci on Gucci on Gucci, this classmate comes straight out of a rap album’s cover. If one were to peek through the classroom early enough in the morning you just might catch the signature “Juju on that Beat” mastered.

The Next Kendrick Lamar – spitting bars like there’s no tomorrow, effortlessly, ceaselessly, and straight outta Manila.

The Blue Babble Boxer – endless hype and unwavering enthusiasm fill the class with fists and affirmatives.

The Tap-Dancing Basketball Writer – another one that is hard to pin down. Might emerge after La La Land’s premier and bring you into the music too.

The Savage Beast – characterized by a never ending flow of comebacks.

The Meme Queen – look through her laptop and you’re bound to find the dankest available, along with an impressive catalogue of contemporary Western culture, animations, Hamilton, and the like.

The Confidently Beautiful – keep what you are doing gurl. Flashing their nails to reveal their face, one does not run out of the Pia Wurtzbach within when with them. Keep them around to spread the positivity and the on fleek eyebrows.

in 11- De brito
these are
THe people you meet

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