Geo 2030 A Global Initiative by Geoversity

The Geo 2030 Global Initiative

With the voyages of the Bamboo Arks -living vessels of promise and determination- we are reaching out to our sisters and brothers around the world with an urgent call to action:

As we embark on this decade that will determine the fate of life on Planet Earth, join us in empowering waves of conscious leaders with the skills, experience, and global ecosystem we need to avert global ecological collapse and, ultimately, to bring about the Biocultural Renaissance.

The youth and elders of the Geoversity School of Biocultural Leadership

February 2020

Geo 2030 is a 10-year conscious leadership campaign for global climate action and the fulfillment of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Geo 2030 combines high visibility youth calling-youth-to-action initiatives – particularly the Bamboo Ark ocean and river voyages and massive collaborative art projects-- with down-to-earth leadership and mentoring programs grounded in model conservation communities that include Indigenous-led initiatives, starting with the 5,000-hectare Mamoní Valley Preserve in Panama.

Geo 2030 is being managed by Geoversty in team with CityKids Foundation, The Guna Youth Congress, The Mamoní Valley Preserve, and The Indigenous Youth Counsel (USA) with the invited participation of Future Coalition, Our Climate, and March for Our Lives.

Geo 2030 Meta Goal

Achieve a critical number of conscious leaders empowered with the skills, experience and supportive ecosystem they need to avert global ecological collapse and, ultimately, bring about the Biocultural Renaissance.

We believe that the key to averting disaster in time lies in the full empowerment of young people worldwide as the drivers of massive public engagement and as the builders and leaders of biocultural renewal.

Micaela Iron Shell Dominguez,

First Secretary, Indigenous Youth Council (USA) and Co-Founder of the Geoversity School of Biocultural Leadership

"The Do or Die Decade"

2020- a global sober awakening

We have less than 10 years to avoid the worst consequences of severe climate change. Greenhouse gas emissions have to drop by 45% before 2030 to keep Earth's temperature from rising above the threshold established to avert the collapse of world ecological systems.

Our Local Problem

Climate change could force out the entire Guna Community out of their Islands

Rising sea levels due to climate change are forcing one of Panama’s most well-known Indigenous groups to draw up plans to relocate from their autonomous island territories to the mainland. For thousands of indigenous Guna people living in an archipelago of some 360 islands, known as Guna Yala and situated off the Caribbean coast of Panama, climate change is a very current hazard as rising sea levels begin to hammer away at the islands’ shores, flooding settlements and the precious little arable land on offer.

The phenomenon has led to a major operation being drawn up to relocate, bit by bit, the 30,000 or so Guna back to the Panamanian mainland from which they moved over 150 years ago.

They would be joining communities from Pacific nations such as Fiji, Vanuatu and Kiribati who have already become ‘climate refugees', with some experts warning they could be joined by millions more from around the world by the end of the century if climate change continues to melt the polar ice caps and lead to higher sea levels.

The state of the planet is broken. Humanity is waging war on nature. This is suicidal.

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres

Our Geo 2030 action agenda is grounded in the hard work of preparing our ocean, riverside and forest communities for the wrenching changes we have to make in the face of a rising sea, flooding rivers, landslides, incursions by loggers and ranchers, and parched forests on fire. We must continue growing stronger in our resolve, smarter in our organization and united in our action with our brothers and sisters of lands close by and far away.

Iniquilipi Chiari

Co-Founder and First President, The Guna Youth Congress, Co-Founder, Geoversity School of Biocultural Leadership

The Geo 2030 Supporting Goals


Goal #1

Scale Up the learning and financial assets available to Geo2030 partner organizations.

Achieve scale in Geoversity’s campuses for biocultural renewal and leadership.

Ensure that the Mamoní Valley Preserve and Geoversity’s other conservation and learning campuses around Panama and abroad have:

  • The area under ecological renewal and conservation;
  • The meeting, scientific research and training facilities

needed to achieve the Geo 2030 Meta Goal.

Goal #2

Build leader and mentor coaching capacity

Grow Geoversity's biocultural leadership development capacity

Scale up and strengthen the Geoversity ecosystem of accomplished individuals and institutions capable of mentoring and, with such powerful resources as the Geoversity School of Biocultural Leadership (GeoSchool) empowering emerging leaders at the rate needed to achieve the Geo 2030 Meta Goal.

Grounded in a place...


Panama, the biological, cultural and commercial bridge of the Americas, is ideally suited to become the hub, the Florence, of the Biocultural Renaissance.

Panama supports Geoversity's Vision of Panama as a home to the Biocultural Renaissance. Throughout our history, the Isthmus of Panama has served as a natural crossroads, driving transformation in: the world climate when the Isthmus emerged, the biodiversity of the Americas allowing animal species to transit serving as a land bridge, and the world economy serving as a bridge for world commercial routes. During these critical times, we are getting ready to, once again, be at the epicenter of a global transformation, empowering young, multiethnic, resilient leaders.
Quote from the Honorable Iván Xavier Eskeldsen Alfaro, Minister of Tourism, Republic of Panama.
The Mamoní Valley Preserve, Geoversity’s rainforest campus in Panama

The Mamoní Valley Preserve

Home to our primary living systems laboratory and campus. A model 4,800-hectare green buffer zone.

Since 2001, we have been testing new forms of teamwork between local and indigenous communities, conservation organizations, businesses, designers, artists, schools, and the public sector on a bold mission to restore a highly degraded but globally critical ecosystem. This innovative conservancy model is neither a national protected area, nor a private reserve. Rather it is a conservation and learning community at work locally to make change globally.

Currently, the Mamoní Valley Preserve encompasses 4,800 hectares of rainforest of the 12,200-hectare upper Mamoní river watershed. It is located within the largest remaining stretch of contiguous rainforest in the exceptionally biodiverse Tumbes-Chocó-Magdalena eco-region: one of the top 25 Biodiversity Hotspots in the world. Incredibly, it is a mere 90-minute drive from the Tocumen International Airport in Panama City.

In communion with Indigenous land and their people

The Preserve borders to the north, along the Continental Divide, the autonomous territory of the Guna, and to the west, the watershed of the interoceanic canal encompassing Emberá communities and the Chagres National Park.

...And Launched With a Splash

The Bamboo Arks


A catamaran, measuring approximately 12 meters by 8 meters, made of bamboo (90% bamboo, with some wood members). The hull and deck planks will be fashioned of bamboo split pressed into boards. An eco-epoxy will be used inside the structure and an eco-varnish will be used on the exterior. All aspects of the build, including the production of bamboo boards, can be accomplished in a simple shop using readily available tools.

One of the standout features of this version of the Bamboo Ark is that it’s hulls (amas) will take the shape of the “ulu”, that is traditional sailing dugouts used by both the Guna and Emberá peoples of Panama. That way, the design results in a large load carrying and completely sustainable boat, with a constituent element -the ama- that can be built separately as a traditional “ulu”. This addresses a problem faced by traditional coastal communities who have relied on dugouts for hundreds, even thousands of years: the trees suitable for that purpose are scarce, especially anywhere near coastal communities. The Bamboo Ark is a much welcomed alternative.

Traditional Ulu made from trees

Also debuting at COP 26 will be two detailed Bamboo Ark models: One being a replica of the full size catamaran being constructed in time for COP 26. The other will be a model of a state-of-the-art version of the Bamboo Ark, one utilizing the latest in bamboo composite and spun fiber technology. The high tech version will incorporate solar, wind and hydrogen power technology. The design of the high tech Bamboo Ark is inspired by the Energy Observer catamaran that was built with design contributions coming from the naval architect Marc van Peteghem.

If for any reason it proves impossible to actually ship the Bamboo Ark to Glasgow, then the Geo 2030 team of youth designers and leaders will project images of the vessel -live from Panama- on a large screen -or on the side of a building.

The Bamboo Ark crew coming to Glasgow will also be bringing large displays to tell the story of the design process and the mission and vision of the Bamboo Ark voyages.

Once the Bamboo Ark reaches the Clydeside Boatbuilders’ yard on the Clyde River, it will be ready for sail on the river by the head of the School, a master boat builder, and students. The plan for showing the Ark -on the river and at the designated venue for the Festival- remains to be finalized.

COP 26 and Europe

In partnership with Global Planet Uprising Festival at COP 26, the UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow, November 2021, we will sail a first of its kind, uniquely crafted Bamboo Ark in Glasgow, Scotland with a sail carrying global messages and declarations from young people and Indigenous leaders.

This multi-faceted program celebrates both biocultural leadership and design for sustainability in harmony with nature. Working in consultation with the master builder in bamboo Jörg Stamm, a co-founder of Geoversity Design and with the Sustainable Design School in Cote D’Azur co-founded by the renowned naval architect Marc Van Peteghem, the yacht builder near Marseille, Classiic Works and a team of Indigenous craftsmen from Panama, we are building a 12 to 15-meter ocean coastal version of the Bamboo Ark. With Claus Kjearby of Geoversity, a small crew of youth leaders will sail the Bamboo Ark in Glasgow as a global call to action.

The vessel will push the limit for the use of bamboo (composite hull material, structural support elements and interior) in modern ship building and solar and wind energy solutions.

2. The Sail

An Intergenerational tale of Resilience

Managing the design of the initial sail of the Bamboo Ark is the Guna Youth Congress under the direction of founder and first president Iniquilipi Chiari. The plan is to have the design come from a group of grandmother designers who are seeking support to teach Guna children and youth the art and traditions of mola making. These molas will be the design for the sail of the ark.

Example of our previous Artist and Youth Collaborations

The CityKids Foundation has inspired and empowered thousands of young people to become leaders in their communities and motivated agents of social change through safe space, arts training and multicultural bridge building programs.

In 1986, to celebrate the 100 year anniversary of the Statue of Liberty, the late Keith Haring and 1000 CityKids worked together in true Haring style to create a “one of a kind” original piece of art depicting the Statue of Liberty called “CityKids Speak on Liberty”. This symbolic work of art is the largest Keith Haring piece ever created, spanning 90ft high by 30ft wide and features over 1000 messages from the kids about what Liberty means to them.

3. Debut at COP26


GLOBAL CLIMATE UPRISING is a festival taking place in the streets, green spaces, outdoor and indoor performance venues in Glasgow during the November 2021 UN Climate Change Conference.

Geoversity and The CityKids Foundation will partner with Global Climate Uprising to use the Ark and the sail as a compelling symbol to spotlight:

  • The festival & partnership - with an emphasis on youth driven organizing and leadership.

Murals in Motion

Parallel art projects will be produced in conjunction with celebrities and young people along the river’s edge in Glasgow. These creative collaborative murals will focus on several theme related to our climate initiatives.

A commemorative book featuring artwork from the Sail of the Ark will be created and gifted to World Leaders attending COP 26.

Limited edition prints of the artwork on the sail will be created and sold to the public. Proceeds will be donated to organizations committed to climate change causes and the Indigenous communities who made it possible.

4. Continuing the Wave

When COP26 concludes, the ocean coastal version of the Bamboo Ark will embark on a multi-year Geo 2030 tour of ocean and river ports around Europe

The Bamboo Arks in Panama

  • Panama becomes the retreat teaching center for gathering and training youth leadership for organizations that take part in a continued dialogued study.
  • 2030 Council- Develop the Geo 2030 Council of accomplished youth leaders and elders who will be advising and supporting Geo 2030. Convene first meeting in October of 2021 and the second meeting in 2022, timed to coincide with the Ocean Conference.
  • Establishment of the Green Endowment.

Our Ecosystem

The Geoversity School of Biocultural Leadership (GeoSchool):

Our work at GeoSchool is to develop next-generation leaders who are literate in living systems, and willing to tolerate ambiguity and uncertainty while seeking potential over problems, pluralism over best practices.
As we immerse young emerging leaders in Panama’s diverse local ecosystems, cultures, and world views they learn to discern unique local patterns and potential. They learn how to see and develop the energetic potential in living systems, to design for and catalyze regeneration in their own communities.
Tamsin Woolley-Barker, Ph.D., Dean, Geoversity School of Biocultural Leadership

Deep Dive: GeoYear

GeoYear, one of GeoSchool’s leading programs, is a hybrid gap year and study abroad program for youth leaders.

Geoversity Design: Creating with Nature:

We engage accomplished designers, builders, and artists in the design and prototyping of structures, engineered solutions and art that:

  • adopt Nature’s 3.8 billion years of evolutionary R&D (Biomimicry)
  • celebrate natural materials
  • ensure a connectedness to and harmony with nature.

An introduction to Geoversity Design:

A History of Boldness in our DNA

Geoversity and The CityKids Foundation

Earth Train -now called Geoversty- was founded by youth leaders from North America and formally launched in 1991 by Sweden’s Claes Nobel during his Earth Prize ceremony at the UN General Assembly Hall before 2,000 diplomatic, business, civic, and youth leaders. For its youth-calling-youth-to-action 10-year campaign, Earth Train operated actual trains for transcontinental whistle-stop events, television, radio, and internet broadcasts. Earth Train provided unforgettable learning experiences – youth-led and international workshops, expeditions, and conferences for thousands of young people with popular outreach to millions worldwide. Our emphasis on experiential learning, a coaching relationship between experienced and emerging leaders, and peer-to-peer teaching proved effective as youth helped youth realize their leadership potential.

During our campaign decade, Earth Train served numerous youth organizations around the U.S. and in 40 countries and native nations. Rather than building up a bricks-and-mortar organization, we focused instead on helping young leaders, many still in their teens, launch ambitious environmental and social justice initiatives and organizations, such as the Global Youth Action Network that today has over 200,000 active members worldwide.

The inaugural Earth Train transcontinental journey, USA and Europe, with steam-powered and youth-powered trains, 1992 and 1993:

Reforesting and growing community in the Mamoní Valley Preserve, 2001-2020:

2001 was when we started the restoration of the first cattle ranch acquired for Geoversity's world campus for biocultural leadership.

The CityKids Foundation

Geo2030 founding/producing partner organization

We empower, engage, connect, and inspire young people to skillfully lift their voices and be heard.

Youth-led Activism:

CityKids Foundation has been in the forefront in the fields of positive youth development and social emotional learning for the past three decades; providing opportunities for personal growth and artistic expression, we help young people channel that growth into substantial social change.

A Rich History Of Artist Collaborations:

In 1986, to celebrate the 100 year anniversary of the Statue of Liberty, the late Keith Haring and 1000 CityKids worked together in true Haring style to create a “one of a kind” original piece of art depicting the Statue of Liberty called “CityKids Speak on Liberty”. This symbolic work of art is the largest Keith Haring piece ever created, spanning 90ft high by 30ft wide and features over 1000 messages from the kids about what Liberty means to them.

Painted in 1991 it was specifically done to speak on the environment and what issues we face, so the inspiration came from that theme and what the CityKids young people had to say about it.
“A Positive Thought Cannot be Denied”. Twelve 8×4 ft panels created with contemporary artist Shepard Fairey. Each panel addresses issues in education, the environment, teen violence, and social injustice.

Geo 2030 Leadership

Nathan Gray

Co-Founder and President, Geoversity Foundation and Fundación Geoversity. Co-Founder and director The Mamoní Valley Preserve

Nathan has over 40 years of experience in the fields of international development and education. He is one of the staff founders of Oxfam America supporting emerging community development leadership in low-income countries and has been a pioneer in socially positive investment.

Nathan started the youth leadership not-for-profit organization Earth Train Foundation, now called Geoversity Foundation, which from 1991 to 2000 ran youth-calling-youth-to-action train journeys, international conferences and special events providing life changing experiences for thousands of young people, and positive messaging to millions. In 2001, he led the establishment of the organization’s international base in Panama where he co-founded the 4,500-hectare Mamoní Valley Preserve and founded Fundación Geoversity. Together with the business educator Verne Harnish, he directed the launch of the Geoversity ecosystem with its annual The Nature of Business executive events, as well as Geoversity Design and the Geoversity School of Biocultural Leadership with Dr. Tamsin Woolley-Barker.

He was a contributing author of Disaster and Development (Fred Cuny) published in 1989 by Oxford University Press and a contributing author of Change Not Charity - Essays on Oxfam America’s First 40 Years, published in 2010.

Educational background: BA in International Relations from the University of California, San Francisco and completed special studies in literature at the Universidad de Guanajuato, Mexico; Universidad de Zarago- za, Spain; and Université de Toulouse en Pau, France.

Laurie Meadoff

Geo 2030 Co-Founder and Executive Producer

Laurie Meadoff is a multi award winning and 3 times Emmy nominated Executive Producer who has worked globally, innovating and connecting brands and media from around the world. She has produced for MTV, VHI, ABC, Sundance Channel and National Geographic.

In 1985, Laurie founded The CityKids Foundation , one of America’s most successful and steadfast organizations for multicultural youth. CityKids has pioneered and maintained cutting edge youth and arts development programs, motivating tens of thousands of young people to be leaders and motivated agents of social change. In her role as President of CityKids, Laurie organized numerous annual fundraising events sponsored by corporations including Pepsi, Mastercard, and Burger King. She has worked with well-known personalities such as Goldie Hawn, Jane Seymour, Deepak Chopra, Demi Moore, Fran Drescher, Michael Bolton, Robert De Niro, Herbie Hancock, and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Laurie also co-created and executive produced the Emmy-nominated ABC series “CityKids” with renowned director Brian Henson.

Laurie produced many art collaborations with CityKids and renowned artists including Kenny Scharf, Shepard Fairey and Keith Haring. Keith Haring’s ‘ CityKids Kids Speak on Liberty ’ Masterpiece is 90ft x 30ft and was used as a backdrop for Paul McCartney’s performance at the Superbowl 38 pre show.

In 1993 CityKids collaborated with Earth Train and Nathan Gray to bring young people across the world. Teaming up again with Geoversity , Laurie is a trainer and partner in creating a Geoversity Gap Year Program in Panama and The Geoversity 2030 Global Initiative which will amass global attention to the climate emergency.

Recently Laurie was an Executive Producer of Earth’s Call at the Aspen Institute. Earth’s Call has committed $50 million to help find and fund bold and impactful solutions to the climate emergency.

After receiving a Rockefeller Fellowship for Next Generation Leadership, she co-created the innovative television series, Chat the Planet, linking young people around the globe. ‘Chat the Planet’ programming reached over 350 million viewers as well as creating the critically acclaimed and multi-award winning web series " Hometown Baghdad ”. As part of the Brookings Institute on Cultural Diplomacy , she worked with global dignitaries on the use of the arts and media to build bridges between people and she has spoken at events from US to Hong Kong to Bangalore.

Laurie founded Authentik Inc , an innovation firm working with top brands and prominent C-suite clients including Seaworld and Pepsi, helping them stay culturally and socially relevant for the next generation. Laurie is an advisor and leads business development and partnership for Amp.it , the digital media platform that created and hosts the double Emmy Nominated ‘ The World Cup of Hip Hop:Take Back the Mic’ and current production of ‘The Mic: Africa’ . The show and the app combine as a gateway to the internet for a generation of African youth in the best digital inclusion initiative ever.

People say that a true mark of a brilliant person is her ability to make connections. If that’s true then Laurie is a modern-day Einstein.

Geraldine Laybourne, Founder, Nickelodeon

Bonnie Nelson Schwartz

Producer, Global Climate Rising, UN COP 26, Glasgow, Scotland

Ms. Schwarts is an international producer of theatre, television, and concerts with more than 100 plays, films, television programs and concerts in Washington, DC, New York, London, and South Africa to her credit. On Broadway, she co-produced Tony-Nominated Ian McKellen: Acting Shakespeare; Pack of Lies; Jerome Kern Goes to Hollywood; and Rodgers and Hammerstein’s State Fair

Among her many concert productions are Give My Regards to Broadway: A Salute to 125 Years of Musical Theater at Carnegie Hall; and the London production of Panbeaters. Her 25 years of concerts at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, DC include the ADL Concert Against Hate; The Duke Ellington 90th Birthday Celebration; the Martin Luther King Birthday Celebration; and Legacy & Life: A Tribute to John F. Kennedy.

Ms. Schwartz is the founder and original producer of Washington, DC’s Helen Hayes Awards. She was a producer for NBC’s Closing Ceremonies at the Barcelona Olympic Games and co-created and produced The Olympic Woman, a multi-media exhibition and its companion book, Grace and Glory, for the Atlanta Olympic Games. She also authored the book Voices from the Federal Theatre based on her television special, Who Killed the Federal Theatre?

Recent productions include Studs Terkel: Listening to America on HBO; Galileo’s Torch at the Folger Theatre; Too Close off-Broadway in New York; the Emmy-nominated Traveling While Black, a virtual reality and transmedia project; and the 2020 One Woman, One Vote Film Festival recognizing 100 years of women achieving the vote, culminating in March 2020 at the John F. Kennedy Center with a tribute to Ava DuVernay. A Tony, Emmy, and Obie Award Nominee, she has been honored as a Woman of Vision by Women in Film and Video, and elected to the College of the Fellows of the American Theatre, and a Board Member of the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts.

Roberta Baskin

Geo 2030 Senior Advisor; Investigative Reporter; Prize-Winning Journalist; Executive Director of AIM2Flourish

Roberta Baskin is a veteran investigative journalist on a radical new career path. She founded AIM2Flourish.com at the Fowler Center for Business as an Agent of World Benefit at Case Western Reserve University to find and showcase “good companies” across the globe. The initiative invites business school students to write about scalable innovations aligned with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. The 17 best global innovations are honored with Flourish Prizes. For 2018, Roberta has been honored among “100 Visionary Leaders” by Real Leaders Magazine.

Roberta’s storied career has earned her more than 75 journalism awards, including prestigious Peabodys, duPont Columbia Awards, and multiple Emmys. As a result of her investigations, she’s made beer healthier, exposed sweatshops in the shoe and soccer industries, uncovered pediatric dental abuses, and succeeded in banning dangerous products.

Roberta served as Executive Director of the Center for Public Integrity, Senior Washington Correspondent for “NOW with Bill Moyers,” Senior Investigative Producer for ABC News “20/20,” and Chief Investigative Correspondent for the CBS News magazine “48 Hours.” Her proudest journalistic achievements have been righting wrongs, especially transforming the way companies do business.

Roberta was named a Nieman Fellow at Harvard University and an Ethics Fellow at the Poynter Institute. She taught a graduate school course on investigative reporting at Georgetown University. She’s actively served on many boards of directors, including the Fund for Investigative Journalism, Investigative Reporters and Editors, the Journalism and Women Symposium, the Center for Public Integrity, the Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Journalism Committee, the Nieman Foundation’s Executive Committee, Images & Voices of Hope, the FoolProof Foundation, and the Fowler Center’s Advisory Board.

She has been a guest lecturer internationally from Baku to Budapest, and from Bilbao to Borneo. Roberta’s an avid scuba diver and likes to Baskin' the sun anywhere near warm water. She’s currently at work on a memoir.

Claus Kjaerby

COO, Fundacion Geoversity and Geoversity Foundation, Co-Founder, Geoversity School of Biocultural Leadership

Claus moved to Latin America, in 1997, starting with a six-year stint in the Amazon engaging indigenous people in environmental monitoring, sustainable economic development, including ecotourism; and establishing innovative protected areas management regimes. Some of Latin America’s most renowned lawyers then trained him in legal matters and human rights based development strategies. Claus managed, for seven years, intercultural governance and poverty eradication programs in Central America, served as director to a World Bank infrastructure project and managed a land titling process in culturally complex territories in collaboration with national environment authorities. He spent two years as a consultant evaluating natural resource management programs and most recently he was the regional representative of the environment organization, Forests of the World. Before Google Earth existed, Claus was conducting expeditions to the Earth’s most remote and indigenous territories. He co-owned the Danish travel agency “Seven C’s Adventure Group” which financed his studies and was eventually sold after five years.

Education: Civil Engineer and Land Surveyor / MSc International Development Studies from Aalborg University and Roskilde University, Denmark.

Atala Beckford

National Director of Public Relations, Fundación Geoversity

Atala joined the team in the early Earth Train days in Panama as the Director of Administration. She came from an international law firm established in Panama. In addition to applying her skills in management, budgeting, logistics business planning, and systems design, she has been serving as a counselor and coach to interns. She speaks fluent in both Spanish and English. She is the founder of Geoversity’s Youth Innovating for Biodiversity and Ecology program (JIBE), the author of an environmental educa- tion and coloring book for children, and has organized two environmen- tal theater plays.

Educational background: Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Universidad Americana and a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resources Management.

Iniquilipi Chiari

Geo 2030 Co-Chair for Youth Participation, Co-Founder and first President, Guna Youth Congress; Director of Indigenos Affairs, Ministry of the Environment, Panama

Iniqui is the founder and first president of the Guna Youth Congress, and is currently a senior staff member with Panama’s Ministry of the Environment specializing in Indigenous Affairs, Environmental Impact Assessment Studies. He supports the Guna General Congress and has represented the Guna people and the Guna Youth Congress in numerous international fora. His educational background includes Tourism Management at Cesar Ritz Colleges, Switzerland. He is a youth co-founder of Geoversity, and recently represented Geoversity and Panama’s Ministry of the Environment at COP 25 in Madrid, Spain.

Micaela Iron Shell-Dominguez

Geo 2030 Co-Chair for Youth Leadership, Co-Founder, Geoversity School of Biocultural Leadership, Director of Operations and Secretary, International Indigenous Youth Council (USA)

Co-founder, Women from the Mountain, Micaela is a Sicangu Lakota and Chicana who was born and raised in the Mile High City aka Denver, Colorado, and the Director of Operations and Secretary for the International Indigenous Youth Council, and cofounder of Womxn from the Mountain. She is a womxn of many traits and loves to live life to the fullest. She was raised by a strong line of matriarchs, from her great-grandmother to her grandmother, to her mother, and herself. She was shown the power when strong women work together and empower one another. Micaela works to bring women of all backgrounds together in a way that allows them to empower each other, and create strong matriarchal bonds for future generations. Her continued pursuit is to help spread awareness and stop the violence of our women that our two-spirit people have endured for centuries.

Jörg Stamm

Master Builder and Co-Founder, Geoversity Design

Jörg Stamm is widely considered to be to be one of the most accomplished and skilled master builders in bamboo in the world. Following a career as a furniture maker and structural carpenter in his home country of Germany, he spent the last 25 years working with several of the great designers in bamboo, including the Colombian architect Simon Velez, the founders of the Green School in Bali, Indonesia and the designer Linda Garland, the founder of the Environmental Bamboo Foundation. Inspired by the pioneering work in tensile structures of Frei Otto and grounded in old world post and beam construction, he specializes in fusing European contemporary design and traditional bamboo carpentry.

Among Stamm’s most well known accomplishments are the design and building of covered bridge spans, up to 30 meters long, in Colombia and Bali; the iconic Simon Velez-designed pavilion for Colombia in the 2000 World Expo in Hanover, Germany; and the Orchid Pavillion at the McKee Botanical Garden in Vero Beach, Florida, the first officially recognized bamboo pavilion in USA. Stamm has founded or helped start several bamboo-related companies and organized numerous introductory and advanced training programs in bamboo construction in numerous countries in Asia, Latin America and Africa, including Ethiopia.

Siobhán Ní Chiobháin

Award winning Creative Content Producer and Brand-Builder

She has produced TV and Radio programming for BBC, UTV, RTÉ, TG4, Raidio na Gaeltachta, among others. She has directed documentaries and digital content for BBC, TG4, Irish Times and UTV. She also produced the International award winning short musical film, ‘Lost for Words’.

She was selected as a ‘One to Watch’ by the prestigious Guardian Edinburgh International TV Festival in 2014. In 2019, she was selected as one of The Irish Echo's Top 40 Under 40, as an exceptional young leader from across the US. She also won The Irish Echo's People's Choice Award.

Siobhán has worked with various C-suite clients to revolutionize meaning, message, and impact, leading the direction for complete brand transformations. Over the course of her career, Siobhan has worked with various clients including Pepsi, Seaworld, The CityKids Foundation, East Village Playhouse, Earth’s Call Fund among others. The Earth’s Call Fund has committed $50 million to fund bold Climate Change proposals. Siobhan has a passion for social impact and has worked and volunteered with various non profits including Amnesty International and The Samaritans, a suicide helpline. She is a Fluent Irish Gaelic Speaker and is co-founder of an Irish Gaelic Language group that organizes events in NYC. Siobhán has a BA in Media Arts - Film and Broadcasting from the Dublin Institute of Technology, a Postgraduate in Digital Media Communication from Ulster University and is currently studying for a Masters in Digital Marketing Communications and Leadership.

Mary Pagano

Geo 2030 Council Co-Convener

Born in mid-west US, Ms Pagano graduated with a BS in Finance from Central Missouri State, MBA from Webster University & MIT and pursued her academic and professional experiences in St. Louis, Chicago, New York, and Miami.

In the last 25 years, as a female P & L leader in a male dominated tech industry, Ms Pagano has worked at large Fortune 30 companies, such as Motorola, AT&T, GE and tech starts up in many capacities with a focus of driving and building new businesses and revenue, valued from $100M to $3B. Roles include leading many businesses and organizations, such as; Founding Partner, SVP Global Sales, VP Strategic Marketing, Strategic Alliances/Partnerships, VP Business Development, VP Product Development and Strategy, working with all market segments, such as Education, Large Enterprises, Government, Entertainment, Technology and Consumer segments.

Mary has an uncanny ability to help companies & charities to see their potential vision and achieve it using the best technology or services to surpass their goals in customer acquisition and satisfaction. Technology solutions such as; Intelligent environments, industrial IoT, big data, social media marketing, cloud computing, Smart Buildings, Work Place of the Future, Smart Cities, sustainability, mobility applications, etc.

Mary has mentored and is on advisory boards for several tech companies & charities, such as Hera the light of Women https://www.heracity.org , Fem Foundry https://www.fem-foundry.com , WICCI & Wellness Match. Mary is also leading the development of the Hera TV channel. In addition, she is an angel investor in female led companies and is very enthusiastic about uplifting women in all capacities of living their best life and surpassing their dreams and full potential.

Laleh Hancock

Geo 2030 Council Co-Convener

Laleh Alemzadeh Hancock is a conscious parent, seasoned executive and life-long entrepreneur. She is committed, in both her professional and personal life, to inspiring and empowering others to recognize greater potential in themselves, becoming leaders and to create profound wellness in their bodies and lives.

Laleh is a leadership and entrepreneurial coach, professional services consultant, personal wellness mentor, a wealth creator and founder and CEO of global professional services company, Belapemo and Global Wellness For All.

Laleh bosts 30+ years of highly-celebrated career in professional services, corporate leadership, strategic partnership and collaboration, investor relations &recruitment, personal and corporate wellness and executive coaching.

Forced to flee Iran as a young girl, and eventually settling in the USA at the age of 11, Laleh’s personal story is testament to her intelligence, resilience and entrepreneurial aptitude. A highly respected executive and leadership coach, Laleh has a particular interest in supporting and encouraging the leadership capabilities of all especially women – in business, in the workplace, at home and in the wider community.

Laleh has traveled the globe inspiring and empowering tens of millions of individuals, businesses, executives, families, athletes and veterans, and believes that, through the curiosity of questions and the use of pragmatic tools, every person can have wellness in all facets of their life.

Laleh is an ardent change-agent and a committed benevolent capitalist, with a desire to bring global wellness to the forefront of everyone’s awareness. As an ambassador of Actions For Futures, Laleh partners with individuals, businesses, and nature to bring awareness and resources for creating a better today and tomorrow on planet earth.

Additionally, Laleh was one of the ambassadors and leaders of the Community One Source Summit in Washington D.C. In partnership with the Board of Directors of Easter Seals Greater Washington Baltimore, the United States Military & Veteran’s Affairs, NGO’s, Corporations and Congressional Leaders, Laleh led the planning and initiatives to bring to light the challenges of Wounded Warriors, Veterans and their Caregivers and create new initiatives. The Summit created a national initiative, support, respite, and funding to support the needs of the military and veterans who have been physically and emotionally injured and to avoid their isolation as done in previous wars.

One of her recent contributions of empowering all ages is being featured alongside luminaries such as Oprah Winfrey, Melinda Gates, and Ginni Rometty in the 2019 publication, America’s Leading Ladies. America’s Leading Ladies: Stories of courage, challenge and triumph.

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