How to get the most out of college *Listen to their best advice

Starting college is akin to starting a new chapter: an adventure in navigating academics, dorm living, extracurricular activities, friendships, romance, internships, networking, study abroad and self-reliance.

With the arrival of the fall semester, FDU What’s New turned to upperclassmen, alumni, parents and friends on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and asked:

What’s your best college advice?

“Get out there and get involved!!!” —@dailydoseofgabe_

“Don't be afraid to try new experiences and be friendly! The friends you make will last you a lifetime.” —@rissare26

“Be you, and don't be shy. Everyone is just as new to this as you are!” —@justherrick

“Invite people to sit with you in the cafe! That's how I met my best friends. 😊” —@juli3bear

“Go Greek! ;)” —@danimac241

“If you can, study abroad! Be it a semester or a couple weeks, you're sure to make some beautiful memories. 😊” —@glowyrm

“Don't be afraid to need or ask for help ❤️” —@fdu_caps

“Help others, later on they might help you too. #network” —@211diosdyaskin

“Relax and take it one day at a time.” —@itmebrinkley

“Study abroad!” —@rwhitaker42

“Make the most of your college experience. Everyone is there to help you through your four years, so don't be afraid to speak to your classmates, professors, coaches, and faculty members.” —@akuua

“Take it all in and enjoy every moment! It goes way too fast 💙❤️” —@Angdistas

“Always think positively!” —@ccm_nj

“Take advantage of your teacher relationships and make sure to realize your education isn’t going to be handed to you. Curiosity and ambition are important.” —@rashidmajied

“A semester is only 16 weeks. Make every day count.” —@x_tina_c

“Talk to your parents. They are in your corner. Talk to them about your grades, fun and disappointments. They miss you. They have to adjust to you not being there. Don't flunk out ... we love you kids.” —@fjr437

“Time management is key. You’re going to want to go out and have fun, but remember what you're actually in school to do. Don’t slack off. If you can manage your time you can do both. :)” —@darlennyx3

“Set your goal and strive for it! Take all you can from your professors, mentors and experiences. These will be the tools to apply in life. Don't forget have fun! Take a chance. Learn to dance and fall in love. Find yourself and love yourself. Time will take care of the rest.” —Linda Bonanno, MBA’92 (Metro)

“Be sure to take your phone out of your pocket before going into a bouncy house … trust me.” —Angel Pridgen Ulanow, FDU parent

“Do assignments as soon as possible. Don't leave [it] to the last minute.” —Camila Corrêa Neves, junior (Metro)

“Research and apply for scholarships!” —Jane Ross Sokolowski, FDU parent

“Begin with the end in mind.” —Kassia Lana, BS’15 (Metro)

“Please, please manage your time like your life depends on it. Work first, other stuff later.” —Chelsey Owens, junior (Metro)

“Apply to study at Wroxton for a semester! The experience is life changing.” —Marlena Russo, BA’15 (Florham)

“I tell my sons, ‘If you work hard, you can play hard!’” —@EatmanKim

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