Serena Gulino

This is Comiso, the barochian city where I work, in Sicily

Hello!! I am Serena Gulino, I am a primary school teacher from the very South of Italy. This year I will be teaching English and History at fifth grades', my pupils are 10 years old. This is my second experience as eTwinning project coordinator and I'm very happy to be a member of this wonderful community.

Project "In English, please" 2015/2016 Awarded with two National Quality Labels

In 2016, thanks to the use of the social network as a means for peer learning, I joined eTwinning and my didactic practice changed a lot.

Some moments captured in Budapest at the Multilateral Seminar organized by eTwinning in September '16 where I was selected to join to.

This year, I'm using CLIL (and techno-clil) applied to Greek History and my students are simply in love with it. I can say that their English is getting better and better, moreover I see that they are starting to be more confident about their speaking abilities.

I love to use ICT tools for personal delight and I truly believe it's a powerful means to increase pupils motivation and to get their attention in a deeper way.

I Think that eTwinning is the perfect safe environment to build pupil's identity, in both local and European context

Celebrating the 10th eTwinning birthday - Budapest workshop about Lego.

Moreover eTwinning deals in a natural way with CLIL.

An eTwinning Seminar held in Vittoria in October '16, with some of my colleagues and headmaster.

A teacher affects eternity

Techno- CLIL + Greek History: project plan

Students engrossed in their clil worksheets.

"Our Euroean Christmas Tree" (December, 2016), a great project with lovely partners and fantastic pupils.

Thanks a lot!
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