Nature Activity at FLMNH Brooke Stockhammer


This exhibit completely immersed you in an environment through visuals and sounds. Beaches, forests, caves, and more were created and brought to life. This was the coolest part of the museum for me, especially the caves, because it felt like you were really there. It didn't feel like a museum exhibit, it felt like nature. It taught me more and made me appreciate these parts of nature more than a picture or painting would because I was able to look and listen; the sounds made it more life-like.


The Calusa were a people that controlled South Florida before the discovery of the Americas by the Europeans. This exhibit displayed their housing, clothing, hunting techniques, and other aspects about their lives. The Calusa are a perfect examples of what it means to be a member of nature instead of a conquerer, as Leopold suggests. Instead of taking everything they want, they took only what they needed to survive and be healthy. There was a section of the exhibit that showed their fishing habits/techniques in comparison to the ones we use today. While the modern techniques are destructive by polluting oceans, modifying and harming aquatic creatures, and taking more than can be replaced, the Calusa took only what they needed in a manner that left the rest of the environment seemingly untouched. They appreciated the land and all of the things it gave them, like food from plants and animals, and materials for clothes and shelter and fire. The exhibit made me realize how much the natural world gives to us and how much we should appreciate it, not take advantage. Others, especially children, were amazed by the models of the houses and villages that the museum had on display. I think exposing them to these cultures and teaching them their ideas will help them appreciate nature in their lives and in the future.


The butterfly exhibit at the Florida Museum of Natural History is something every student should take advantage of every once in a while. It is beautiful and grounding, and it makes you appreciate the simplicity of nature. While I was there, many families were inside with lots of children. Seeing their reactions and excitement over the butterflies made the exhibit even better. At one point, a butterfly landed on me - before I knew it, a herd of little people was surrounding me in amazement. It was the highlight of my day. This exhibit displays the mystery and majesty of nature through showing off the worlds artistic side; there is a rainbow of colors everywhere you look, whether it be a butterfly or plant or bird. It helped me better understand myself by bringing my thoughts back down to the ground, down to the basics of the earth, to enjoy the little things and not think too much about everything else going on in life.

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