Hannah Ketteman's Genius Hour How do you write reviews like a food critic?


BLog Post#1

I have decided to do this year's Genius Hour project on writing good restaurant reviews. One of my favorite things about Austin is that there are so many amazing restaurants to try, but I find that I always go back to my favorites instead of trying new things. This project will allow me to get out and explore the city that I've been living in for the past four years. This particular topic is important to me because I have always been interested in the food industry, and it will let me go out and try new things with my husband, Alex. My goal for this project is to learn how to write reviews like a professional because I always thought that would be really cool job to have. I will measure my goals by writing weekly reviews and comparing them to professional reviews so that I can revise and edit my writing. I will post the reviews here for others to read every week. Happy eating!

BLog Post #2

This week, I have learned about what a restaurant review is and what someone writing a review should focus on. For example, the article I read said that you should not blow off the restaurant with a bad review if just one person was mean to you or one little thing went wrong. It is important to be honest about the food and the atmosphere and to give credit where credit is due. I learned that I don't focus a lot when I am eating! This weekend I went to a restaurant called Picnic, and the food that I ate was delicious! However, I don't remember everything about the food I ate so it will be hard to write a review. In the future I will have to take notes with me so that I can write down my thoughts and descriptions of the foods. For my research, I used an online article that I found about how to write professional food reviews. It was a good article, but I still need some more information. From here, I need to make a list of the restaurants I want to visit and do a little research on them to see what I can find out before I write my review. Happy Eating!

Restaurant 1: Picnik Austin, Texas

I am still on the Whole 30 (Day 24!!), so I ate from their special diet menu. I had breakfast hash and fried Brussels sprouts. I am still deciding if I want to write a review of this restaurant. Update: I decided to do a test review as a baseline. I will compare my work to this review to see how I have improved.

Blog Post #3

I am a week behind! :( This week, I found a website (Wikihow...lame, I know) that explained the steps of writing a restaurant review. I realized that I made a lot of mistakes in my first review. For example, I described food as "good" and "bad" instead of really describing how it tasted. I realized that I needed to be more specific in my descriptions of the food and the atmosphere of the restaurant. This week, I was in San Antonio visiting a friend of mine. We went to a restaurant called Zinc Wine Bar because it was open late and my friend had to work until 10. I forgot to write down my experiences and thoughts as I was eating, but I am going to go back and make some notes before I work on my next review. I have included some pictures of my friend working (she is so glamorous! :)) and some pictures of the restaurant where we ate. From here, I need to read my first review to figure out how to improve, and then write my second review and publish it here on my spark page. One thing that I want to know about is how to get reviews published. I'm not really interested in doing that myself because I will not have time, but I have thought about it several times and I am curious. Happy Eating!

These are my three best friends from college. The one in the green lives in New York, the one in the long dress is an actress, and the one in the brown teaches freshman English near Abilene.

Restaurant 2: Zinc Wine Bar San Antonio, Texas

Margherita Pizza
Truffle Parmesan Fries

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