Amboseli Part three

The day we arrived was bright and sunny. The following evening it rained hard, off and on for hours. Rains here are more of a deluge. And the evening was filled with lightening. Loved it. The lions had been busy during the night and we found this pride feeding on a wildebeest they must have brought down during the storm. There were a couple of cubs enjoying the feast. As you can see they were wet and covered with mud.
Not very photogenic with all the mud.
Always hyenas hanging around.
They were surprisingly patient.
Although the lions and hyenas were not as close at it appears, they were being surprisingly tolerant.
Prey animals will often keep predators in sight. They know where they are and when they begin to act like a threat.
I think he's full!
Such big feet you have!
Not a lot of action here..
I've learned a lot about hyenas over the years. I've grown to love them. They are clever, silly and good parents. They are matriarchal in structure and it is strictly enforced. And the females are bigger than the males.
Somebody's very pregnant or very full!
You can tell by the teeth that this is an older one. Those teeth crush bones. They eat so many bones their poop is white!
I was ecstatic to see such young cubs. I've never seen them this young, when their fur is still black.
This is the age of most youngsters I see.
And then there were two!!
Somebody else has been playing in the mud.
I'll admit that they are peculiar looking but I do love them. They've received a lot of bad press, but there is so much more to them.
These little jackals are the only other predators around during our brief stay.
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Nancy Lewis

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