YHBA-Get EXCITED!!! Coming soon to WRE

Who: All students AND staff members at WRE. We would love to have everyone involved! I would love to hear chatter all through the building about what books kids and adults are reading from our reading list!

What: A school-wide time to get excited about reading and have some fun, friendly competition while reading the YHBA books.

When: Kickoff will be the week of February 6th. I want the kids to get excited so I need you to get EXCITED!!! I want to read one of the picture books to K-3 classes and talk about the "Bookopoly" board and put the first house on the board for your class.

Melissa and I would like to do a few book talks with 4-5 grade classes to get them excited! If it works for me to read during your regular checkout time we will do it then, if not we need to schedule a time! I am trying out appointment slots in Google Calendar. The link is below. Hopefully it works ok! I will add times if we need to. I may need to be out on Feb. 10 at a meeting but will add times that day if not.

We will vote the week of April 24-28. I will create a google form for teachers/kids that want to vote that way and there will also be paper voting.

How: K-3 will be on the Monopoly board and get a house on the property for each book they read. We will have different color "houses" for each grade level. I am actually looking for square or rectangle stickers to use to simplify things. In order to vote, 12 books need to be read. We are using library PTO funds to purchase a basket with one of each YHBA picture book per grade level K-3. Incentives are below:

  • 5 books-bookmark for each child
  • 12 books-a book for each child (or classroom library if teacher chooses)
  • 20 books-pizza party in library with Super Library Girls and Administrators

4-5 will get a "pixel" to add to the Minecraft board picture when they read 5 books (add to the foundation), 10 books (the tree...growing readers), 15 books (the Minecraft Man), 20 books (the house). I have purchased additional copies of the intermediate books and purchased some copies of ebooks as well. Hopefully we have enough! Incentives for 4-5 below:

  • 5 books-bookmark or mechanical pencil
  • 10 books-free book
  • 15 books-library pass
  • 20 books-pizza party in library with Super Library Girls and Administrators


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