Crayfish BY Rhett

Have you ever thought of a Crayfish as a lobster's mini cousin? Well they are! They are also crabs cousins too! And even more amazing… they are shrimps cousins! Come and learn more with me in this awesome book!

Cool Crayfish Defense's

Crayfish have many different defences. Their biggest defence is their pincers, their pincers pinch predators to make them go away, but this helps defend themselves from things they are afraid of. They also have their tail.Their tail flicks and shoots them through the water if they do this multiple times it will help them get away from predators so they don’t get eaten. They are always hiding because they don’t want to be found, this helps them stay hidden from predators. Another cool defence is their speed, without their tail they are pretty fast, this also helps them get away from predators. They do have a shell their shell is called a carapace. Their shell is hard so when something hits it, it will help embrace the power.

Weird Body Parts

Crayfish have some amazing body parts , but I think the coolest body part is their pincers, their pincers help defend themselves. They pinch their predators to make their predators go away. Another amazing body part is the egg pore. (It is only on female crayfish) The egg pore is were female crayfish lay their eggs. Also they have a very strong tail, their tail flicks and and shoots them through the water, so this helps them get away from predators. And still going they have a shell, their shell is called a carapace, their shell is very hard and when a predator hits it, it will embrace the predators power. Their Antennae help them feel objects like if it's soft or hard. They also have walking legs without their tails they are kind of fast, this also helps them get away from predators. Last but not least they have their eyes, their eyesight is not too bad, so their eyes are a little bit helpful.

Get out of here!

Did you know crayfish are very territorial, they are so territorial that they will kill each other for a place to live.

If you were a crayfish I would recommend not going into another Crayfishes territory. They don’t just stay in one territory they move from place to place. Another cool fact is that different Crayfish live in different territories. Also every territory is basically a hiding spot so they can stay hidden from things they are afraid of. They Know their territory so well, that when something new is introduced they can get very aggressive.

Cool other types of Crayfish

Crayfish have many different family members that are crustaceans, like swamp Crayfish, red swamp Crayfish, white clawed Crayfish, Australian Crayfish and Tasmanian giant Crayfish and so many more other types of Crayfish. But they also have some other cousins that are crustaceans, are the lobster, there are many different types of lobsters. The other cousin is the crab, there are also many different types of crabs. Another cool crustaceans is the shrimp, my last cool crustacean is the hermit crab, they have very soft bodies and their shell does not grow with them so they have to switch from shell to shell. All Crayfish are crustaceans.

Even though crayfish are different colours, never be afraid of these wonderful creatures. They have have so many cool techniques to do things like get food or stay away from predators! They are amazing creatures and I encourage you to go to your local pet store and buy the tank and food and a wonderful Crayfish!

Pincers: A body part that crayfish use to pinch

Egg Pore: Is where a female crayfish lays its eggs.

Carapace: is the shell of the crayfish.

Antennae: Is the feelers for the crayfish.

Crustaceans: Is a type of family of manyDifferent animals.

Fun facts:

Crayfish eat other crayfish

Crayfish reach their adult size when they are about 3 4 months old

Crayfish eat hot dogs and cat food

There are more than 200 Crayfish species in North America

People eat Crayfish

Crayfish are also called

The smallest Crayfish is called the Dwarf Crayfish



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