The Places I Have Been to My dearest penelope and my great son telemachus

After my beautiful victory at Troy me and my company sailed off for Ithaca.
Wind brought me west to Ismaros. As we plundered and enslaved all that kept me going was the sight of you my sweet Penelope and my lucky great son Telemachus, once we left six benches in every ship left empty when we left the Cicones.
We ended upon the coastline of the Lotus Eaters. Around midday i cautiously sent out two men and a runner, they ate the flowers out of desperation. And for those who ate said plant made them not care to report or leave. My men hung their long oars in the water and departed.
We sailed upon a mysterious island and unknowingly and full of courage we explored the unknown island. After exploring we found the island inhabited by giant flesh eating giants! Luckily for my men i convinced the cyclops to drink our wine. And of course being the genius i am, i came up with with the idea to stab his only eye and blind him. Once he awoke blind we managed to get out of that horrid cave. We quickly escaped that trecherous island. And i made sure to let the cyclops know how I the great Odysseus blinded him.
We ventured on unto a mysterious island. And my sweet Penelope you would not believe who i found on that island! I met the great king Aeolus he graciously did me and my men a favor. He cautiously put all stormy winds into a bulls-hide bag then i sailed off. Unfortunately my foolish,foolish men opened the bag thinking i was hiding treasure and sent the ship into an uproar and destroying the ship. We drifted unto the island of the Laestrygonians.
My sweet Penelope you should have seen it! Once me and my men drift upon this mysterious island we find out that the Laestrygonians had lived there. Then once we got unto that wretched island boulders and rocks out of no where came hurling unto all of out ships. As they sat in the harbor, only my ship unfortunately made it out.
My dearest Penelope after the terrible engagement with the Laestrygonians. Me and my men landed on the mysterious island of the sea nymph Circe. And me and my men were held against our will, i was held prisoner on that wretched island for several seasons. When we first got on that island she had put my men under a spell which turned them into livestock! I had to quickly explain to my other men telling them it was a curse which held our comrades. I had a visit from the messnger god Hermes! he let me know of a secret herb that helped me not fall into Circes trap. But after several long seasons we departed from that cursed island.
Once me and my men were craving to be home, we asked the sea nymph Circe how to get back to Ithaca. She told us that we had to sail to Hades! believe it my dear Penelope meeting the god of the underworld! In the land of the dead i was told to find a dead blind prophet named Teiresias. And he was the one who knew how to get back to Ithaca. While i was there i saw someone who i was not expecting to see at all my mother. We only had little time to speak but it was good enough. I was extremely distraught. after that we sailed out for Ithaca.
My dearest Penelope after my courage with Tieresias i was urged my men to go back to the island of Circe and bury one our previous men. Who broke his neck falling of Circe's roof. We hurried out of the island with most haste.
My sweetest Penelope during out last night with the sea nymph she warned me and my men of the perils we will suffer on our way home. After hearing that me and my men were very discouraged. I was ordered by Circe to fill all of my men's ears with beeswax. And they were ordered to tie me the great Odysseus the mast and listen to the sirens and they were told to by all means do not untie me. The sirens beautiful voice was supposed to reveal the future. As we passed out of the sirens grasp my men untied me and i kept the secrets to myself.
My sweet Penelope the sea nymph Circe was immensely right about me and my company having trouble navigating through the straights between Schylla and Charybdis. First we encountered Charybdis which was a enormous whirlpool that more than once almost swallows the ship whole.
After we managed through the straight of Charybdis we stumbled upon Shylla. Penelope you should have seen it! it was a giant it had six heads all grotesque and covered with scars. unfortunately it eventually swallows one of my men for each head. After losing six of my men, we made a quick escape.
My Penelope after my cunning escape from the Schylla and Charybdis my crew against my proper judgement decided that we should stop off at the nearby island of Thrinakia for food and much needed rest. I only had agreed if they didn't touch any of the sun gods cattle no matter how hungry they were. Once we got there we stayed for one night and once we awoke, there were extreme winds blowing south that lasted for a month. We seemed to catch fish and birds but that wasn't enough for my foolish men they wanted more than that. One day i went to go pray to the gods and my foolish men thought they could have the sun gods sacred cattle and use it for sacrifice. After the sun god found out what my men had done he threatened to not shine light at all unless my crew payed back the debt with their life. Penelope you would'nt believe it all was fine once we departed from Thrinakia Zeus threw thunderbolts at out boats and we were adrift.
My Sweet sweet Penelope this was the longest and most painful part of my journey. After my Ship was devastated i was adrift for who knows how long. I eventually drifted upon the island of Calypso and was held prisoner by her for around seven long years. Those seven years yes i may have been fed well and i could have gained immortality but i chose to leave that island as fast as i can to find you thanks to the help of Athena she spoke to Zeus and he had the messenger god Hermes have Calypso release me to go home. But i still had Poseidon on my bad side, so Calypso was to release me but if the gods wanted something for me i would do so.
After i left my captor Calypso i had built a raft so i could sail. I ended up in out nearby neighbors the Phaeacians they fed and clothed me for three days. The King and Queen of Phaeacia love to hear about my travels. Once my indentity is revealed the King Alcinous sent me off to Ithaca, My home, on one of Phaeacia's best ships.
My dear sweet Penelope this is my last part of my adventure and no doubt the absolute best part. My sweet i have been dreaming for this moment to see you my beautiful wife and my strong and cunning Son. He is juts like his Father and he is lucky for that. He has the wisdom and the same eyes as me, but he seems to have that confident persona about him that we both share. My Penelope you and Telemachus are all i have been thinking about these past grueling twenty years and i love you two very much.


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