Armstrong Ransome

I am thankful for this past week. Thankful for the city of Milwaukee for holding me down. Thankful to be from such a place where after awhile if you stay at it you have no choice but to be interwoven into the fabric of all things happening. I'm thankful to be apart of the many people who are moving and shaking in this town to bring about positive change.

Thanks to the people at 88.9 Radio Milwaukee for having me as the feature for the 414 Live Broadcast. All in all it feels like perfect timing. I definitely had a great time performing my 25 minute set in front of the live audience all the while being broadcast out to thousands of people. Who could ever complain about such a thing. The true beauty for me is that I feel like I really represent the spirit of this city. Before this town was what it is now I remember riding the 19 bus from the North side all the way Downtown and more. We actually went to the old Grand Avenue Theater to see movies. I was a kid who felt awe among the immense animals walking the streets of downtown Milwaukee during the Great Circus Parade. I've been here since then and guess what? I have always been rapping and bopping to beats somewhere along in my head. So to finally put that energy out into the airwaves was a great feeling.

Stream the performance now @ https://www.facebook.com/88nine/videos/481656705743711/

Many things were achieved this week but the most important thing was being a summer mentor to the youth of the We Got This summer clean up program and getting to see them complete their summer program. Those boys worked some long days in the heat helping to keep the Milwaukee community clean this summer. I offered some words of encouragement that I hope can stick with them for a lifetime.

Thanks to the people of Deer District and the Fiserv Forum for having me at the Curds & Chords Festival this past weekend. Everything was cool per the usual when dealing with the Fiserv Forum. They treat their guests exceptionally well. For a first year all Milwaukee music festival it was a cool experience and I'm always glad to be involved in things initially. I hope throughout the years we can grow it to something of enormous proportions. I'm thankful for all who came out and listened and danced to the music though. That's all that really matters is sending out those waves and watching them connect with people in the crowd. I know what I am doing is touching people. They acknowledge that fact and I appreciate it. That's what it's about.

As well, this past week we announced the Second Annual Adebisi Winter Coat Drive for Milwaukee College Prep. The coat drive is in honor of my late son Adebisi Oluwabodunde Agoro whom sadly passed away June 24th, 2018. In his life he was full of joy and the spirit of giving so in turn we want to to keep that going by having people donate gifts of warmth in the form of a coat. Details below


Next up catch me in Chicago, Ill at The Hideout with R.A.P Ferreira and the Ruby Yacht homies. Its always a pleasure linking with these guys.



Rene Amado

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