Dr. Josef Mengele and his cruel expermints

Dr. Josef Mengele was a big part of the holocaust. He tested very terrible experiments that are also very interesting. He was the oldest son and in 1935, Mengele earned a Ph.D. in physical anthropology from the University of Munich. In 1937, he joined the Nazis party.

This is a picture of one of the people who suffered from Auschwitz. Four hundred thousand humans such as babies, small children, young girls, mothers, fathers, and grandparents are said to have been casually waved to the left side with a flick of the cane clasped in a gloved hand. This was the way the treatment (experiments) from Dr. Josef Mengele in the many camps from the Holocaust. In one case the mother didn't want to be separated from her daughter ,so in this case he shot them both.

Only a few children who arrived at Auschwitz survived it ;who later recalled visited by a smiling Uncle Mengele who brought them candy and clothes. Later after that he had them put in trucks that appeared to be red cross vans or his own car. That which was delivered to his laboratory. This is where he would invent things.

Josef Mengele was the chief provider for the gas chambers at Auschwitz and he did it right. When it was discovered that one unit was infested with lice, he solved the problem by gassing all the 750 women assigned to it. These gas chamber weren't just used for that they kill tons of the prisoners. Yet it was a rather less painful death they were left to believe it was a shower. While they might have not had the will to live.

Mengele Loved to do his experiments on twins in particular. He did this because the genetics in the twins were so similar that it made it easier to spot the difference. Mengele also liked to see if what he did to one twin if it would affect the other twin. These experiments always had brutal outcomes do to the fact that all the equipment he used was never sterilized properly. The other tests he did involved separating the twins to see the effects of something happening to one not the other.

The German phrase “arbeit macht frei” means “work sets you free” which was used to deceive the into thinking working will give them freedom. This means that they believed a lie even though in a way it does because the harder they worked the faster they would die. This was put in front of every camp.

He was known as the angle of death.
This was one of his eye color experiments.
He also did experiments on midgets.
By the time the fall occurred Menegle decided to leave Germany. Argentina was his first choice of the ideal place. His father owned a firm there. He had make several business connections.


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