GMO Project: Sugar Beets By: gabe kantz

Sugar beet has been one of the leading contributors of sugar along with sugar cane. Sugar beets are a GMO that have a resistance to herbicides.

Sugar beets were developed by Monsanto and KWS Saat but it was not crossed with anything else. It was created for easier sugar(Roundup Sugar). It is resistant to pesticides due to the mutations.

Pros: easier to farm, resistant to pesticides, has a higher sugar content than others.

Cons: not know of the long term effects, the pollen gets out and breeds with others making it a super plant, people could be allergic and eat something not knowing

I think that GMOs are a great thing. They have so many benefits that outweigh the downsides.


Created with images by Motorjan11 - "agricultural sugar beet bite" • Dag Endresen - "Sugar beet (Beta vulgaris L.)" • Pexels - "backlit farming green" • ClizBiz - "Sugar Beet Harvest" • ClizBiz - "Sugar Beet Harvest 2013"

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