2nd virtual performance installation coming fall 2021

IAM: Of Body and Mind was inspired by the changes to our inner and outer lives as humans living through a pandemic time. Set in the human realm, Of Body and Mind explores the experiences of human individuals and societies in response to COVID-19–fear, illness, caring, isolation, heroism, graft, anxiety, love and loss. In this human realm, we are lost in a world of our own making, and ill equipped to respond to and accept the larger reality that we are part of.

IAM (pronounced ee-yam), is a COVID-19 story told in four acts through dance and light. IAM is all about perspective. Each act takes place at a sequentially larger scale of material reality: first molecular, then human, earthly, and universal.

Act 1, Dance of the Molecules, is an interpretation of the dance that human and viral molecules engage in when they meet inside the body.

IAM is directed by Toronto-based artist and cell and molecular biologist Radha Chaddah

IAM: Of Body and Mind is presented by the Aga Khan Museum and Under 5 Studio, with support from the Government of Ontario.

For more information read our press release on the exhibition.

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