What is ISIS? A brief lesson on terrorism

ISIS fighters in training

If you've been reading the news lately, you may already be familiar with the terrorist group ISIS, but did you ever wonder who they are? Or what they are fighting for? ISIS is a big topic today and it s very important that you are familiar with their tactics and history, it may even save your life!

ISIS, or the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant is a terrorist group, targeting civilians for a common cause, that is, as the name suggests, Islam, we know this because most of the time, according to BBC, ISIS would release Muslims and usually not kill them, that is if they didn’t resist. Islam is the second most followed religion, next to Christianity, Islam has over 1.6 billion followers. Over 25 percent of the world population!

ISIS fighter entering war zone

ISIS members, invade and occupy land in the name of Islam, and anyone who would argue, would either get lashed in public areas several times, or get beheaded, however, this can be avoided if the civilians pay ISIS with gold, but most people didn’t have that much gold so therefore the punishment would usually be carried out.

ISIS launching a missile

Unlike the military, ISIS targets civilians, and usually not the government, that is because the main purpose ISIS and all terrorist groups in fact, is to strike fear in people so they obey the terrorists. So the best response to a terrorist attack would indeed be, to not be afraid.

September 11th 2001

But let’s go into the history of ISIS, you may already be familiar with the terrorist group Al Qaeda, best known for the September 11th attacks in New York City, Washington D.C, and Shanksville, Pennsylvania. On may 2nd 2011, when the United States killed, Osama Bin Laden, the leader of Al Qaeda, a huge portion of Al Qaeda had been exposed and destroyed, and fearing that the U.S would find them and execute them, they fled from Afghanistan to Iraq. There they started as, “The Middle Eastern Al Qaeda” which is better known today as, ISIS.

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi making a rare appearance in public

ISIS was lead by, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi whose reward for capture has recently been raised to USD $10 million! as ISIS spread from Iraq to Iran, Syria and parts of Saudi Arabia. In 2011, ISIS invaded Raqqa, Raqqa was a city where women were in power, if you needed something, you would have to contact a woman, but when ISIS took over Raqqa, women were treated like,“worthless pigs” in the words of an anonymous co-founder of an organisation Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently. ISIS would torture, rape, and behead women who would leave the house without a man. In the words of Nour, a Syrian lady who has lived under ISIS control for over 5 years, “Raqqa has lost it’s soul.”

ISIS today has several major fronts, they include: Aleppo, Raqqa, Baghdad, and several other middle eastern fronts that ISIS now occupies.

Today, ISIS has several types of terrorists, they include: bombers, suicide bombers, hijackers, suicide hijackers and killers. Bombers and suicide bombers both have one thing in common, they both bomb civilian areas e.g. restaurants, apartment buildings, shopping malls, etc. Unlike bombers though, suicide bombers are willing to get killed by their bomb in order to injure or kill others. Hijackers and suicide hijackers both hijack, or forcefully take over the plane, but the hijackers usually land the plane and let the people go in order to speak with the government, and the suicide hijackers either crash the plane, or blow the plane up, one of the most famous examples is one that we have already covered, 9/11.

One of the strategies of ISIS is that they mainly attack nations which either have had war waged on them, a weakened country is good, but better, they attack nations which are in the midst of a civil war, divided nations are ideal for attacking, like Syria, but united countries have been doing better off, because they don’t have people fighting amongst themselves so when ISIS attack, they can respond appropriately. Occasionally, an ISIS soldier will kidnap a group of people and interrogate them, the soldier will order them to recite verses from the holy book of Islam, the Quran, If they failed, they would get tortured and executed. But how do you survive an attack or even ensure that it doesn’t happen? Well, here are some tips that you could use in your everyday life to protect yourself from a potential attack.

Number 1. There is safety in numbers, so whenever you are out and about, try to stick with the crowd, avoid dark alleys and remote street paths.

Number 2. Don’t be afraid, according to BBC, CNN, BrainPop and several other sources, the number one reason why people die during an attack is because of fear, people can be so afraid during this attack, that they don’t keep their wits about them, that’s the last thing you need during an attack.

Today ISIS is worse than ever and the only way to truly fight them, is to not be afraid, to not co-operate, and to stay united and strong.


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