Sloths by: Reeva and Jessica

This is a picture of South America, where most of the Sloths in the world are located.

Most Sloths are in South America and Africa. South America is very dry, humid, tropical, and has lots of beaches and trees for the Sloths. Lots of high temperatures and heavy rain fall.

This is a picture of Global Warming

Global Warming is when temperatures rise abnormally to high. It has been proven that humans contribute to Global Warming with all of the pollution coming from factories. Global Warming can cause many living things to die.

1. Sloths live in rain forests. In rain forests, it is very humid and moist. When Global Warming occurs, it increases the temperatures causing sloths to die or suffer.

2. Global Warming can cause plants to die, too, and the Sloths main foods are fruit from trees . If the trees die then that means the Sloths will have no food which means they die.

3. Global Warming Can cause the Sloth species to go extinct.


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