Basketball How to play

(Description) When you look at a basketball court, there will be 10 people on the court, 5 from each team, and maybe a few people on the bench. There will be 2 to 4 coaches yelling directions at the players on the court. There will be 2 to 3 referees running everywhere to call anything. they can call travels, double dribbles, carries, fouls, charges, technicals, and many more. There is a three point line, a free throw line and an out of bounds line. there are about 6 minutes in a quarter, and there are 4 quarters in a game. A basketball court may seem helter-skelter, but it is not as confusing as it looks.

Good shot form is not too hard when you practice it.

(Problem and Solution) Most people have many flaws in their shot, and there are easy solutions to these flaws. If you shoot with 2 hands, that is a major flaw. To solve this, put one hand under the ball and one hand on the side of the ball. Then jump up, and flick your wrist with the hand that is under the ball, like you are reaching into a cookie jar. Shooting with two hand is a big problem because it is much harder to control where the ball is going to go.

(Sequence) shooting a basketball is easy. first, you need to put one hand under the ball and one hand on the side of the ball.then, bend your knees, but only slightly. next, jump and flick your wrist like you are reaching into a cookie jar. finally, watch the ball go right in the net.

This is what it looks like in a huddle. this is where they discuss what they are going to do.

(Compare and Contrast) Most people get just dribbling mixed up with driving, but they are quite different. when you are just dribbling, you are just dribbling around, not doing anything special. but wen you are driving, you are dribbling as fast and as hard as you can and you are trying to get to the rim. they are alike by both of them involving dribbling.

before most games, someone sings the Star Spangled Banner.

If you have good technique, then you have a better chance of scoring. If you have a very good dribbling technique, then you will probably be a point guard. The point guard is the player that does most of the dribbling and passing. When you get a very good shooting technique, then you will probably be a shooting guard. A shooting guard is normally a very good shooter in many ways. If you have a very good amount of size, then you will probably be a center. A center is usually the player that gets a lot of rebounds and sets screens and posts up. Screens are used to get someone else open. Posting up is making yourself open and then either scoring from there or passing to someone else that is open.

Basketballs come in 2 sizes. either a small ball(28.5) or a big ball(29.5)


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