Good Life Performance Jordan silvola-finch

The fact that the theater was a smaller theater, I think helped to enhance the spatial experience. It put you closer to the actors so you felt as if you were right there in the play. Our seats were also good seats, about a third of the way up and right in the middle.

I attended this play with three good friends of mine, and I definitely think it was better to see it with friends over seeing it by yourself. I was able to ask them any questions I had and we could discuss the play after it was over.

Going into this play, I had no previous knowledge about anything that was going on with this play, I had never even heard of it. But as I was watching and at the end, you realize that you can be make something out of yourself even if you don't come from the best background.

This play gives you a chance at "katharsis" because as you watch the play, you notice that the themes throughout the play are real themes, and that unfortunately it's something that we actually deal with in society.

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Jordan Silvola-Finch

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