Gallery: AP Artists Showcase Their Work at Art Show By Greg Tsougas

On Jan. 27, WHS AP art students presented their work at the AP art show.

"My inspiration for my piece was my identity as an Armenian-American. Upon creating my work, I began to realize the impact of my Armenian Heritage in my day to day life and interests," senior Ava Jingozian said.

Jingozian's art piece. Photos/ Greg Tsougas

"A theme that was very prevalent in my work was natural beauty. I wanted to highlight the unexpected beauty in stretch marks, scars, and beauty marks," senior Bella David said.

David's art piece.
David poses in front of her artwork.

"The inspiration for my piece was the anatomy class I took last year at Walpole High School. The body and its intricacies were primarily the inspiration for my piece," senior Joe Waitekus said.

Waitekus poses with family for a photo.
Waitekus's art piece.

"My inspiration for my piece was my identity as a twin and how that label has affected my whole life," senior Emily Duseau said.

Duseau poses with her art work.
Duseau's charcoal piece.
Senior Amya O'Keefe poses with her artwork.
Senior Mei Totten's Piece.
Senior Abby Duffy's work.