6 Schools in the UK

A video (5.54) about schools in the British Isles !

School uniforms

  • Children must wear a school uniform in schools in the British Isles (= It is an obligation to have a uniform, it is compulsory.). There is a uniform for the summer and a uniform for the winter.
  • A uniform has a blazer (with the school blazon), a white shirt and a tie. Boys wear dark trousers. Girls wear a skirt. The children must have dark shoes.
  • Do you like British school uniforms ? Do you want to wear a uniform ?


  • School begins with "Assembly" at about 9.00 in the morning. It is a big meeting for the pupils and the teachers. The headmaster speaks of the programme of the day. Everybody sings a religious song and prays.
  • After assembly, lessons can begin. There are 3 lessons in the morning and 2 lessons in the afternoon. Lessons are not very long: about 45 minutes. School finishes at about 3.30 p m !

Lunch time !

Children can have lunch at the school canteen, or they can bring a packed lunch from home ( one or two sandwiches, a fruit, a chocolate bar, a packet of crisps and a drink). There is little time to eat at lunch time: about 45 minutes. After lunch, you can go on the playground to relax !

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