Cold and International Soups By Ethan Samueloff

Cold Soups

  • A cold soup is a soup that can be either cooked or uncooked.
  • Whether is it cooked or uncooked depends on the ingredients being used for the soup.
  • Yogurt and cream are some commonly used thickeners for cold soup.
  • Cooked cold soup is hot soup that is then chilled. Vichyssoise is an example of a cooked cold soup that is a could version of potato-leek soup.
  • Uncooked cold soups are very simple soup because they are mainly just fruits and vegetables that have puréed to make the soup thicker. Then cream or yogurt is added.
  • Cold soup is typically very healthy and has health benefits when compared to hot soup.

International Soup

  • International soups are soups that are linked to different nations or cultures. These soups use ingredients that are common in a certain cultures cuisine.
  • Ethnic restaurants in the United States are increasing, and it is very common for these soups to be offered as specialties for lunch and dinner meals.
  • International soups such as Gazpacho have become mainstream in the United States and are served at American cuisine restaurants.
  • Many international soups are hearty and nutritious enough to be full course meals.


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