Vincent Van Gogh "I feel like there is nothing more truly artistic than to love people."

Vincent Van Gogh was born in 1853 and passed in 1890. He had a very short life and only lived to be 37 years old. He was a post-impressionist painter. He painted because of the beauty, emotion and color. He was highly influenced by 20th century art. He struggled with metal illness he lived most of his life in an Asylum battling with depression through out his whole life because of family, he was a very poor man later on he got turned down by the woman he loved when he asked for her hand in marriage that wrecked him. He tried shooting him self in the chest it was unsuccessful when his bother took him back him Vincent ended up dying in his arms. Today he is a very well know painter in the history of art.

Irises(1890) and Sunflowers(1889)

Learning about painting myself in college I show signed of post-impressionist's mark making in most of my work. I want to learn for Vincent's unique mark making. He also uses a very limited color palette in his paintings this interests me because I've been having to do the same in my drawing class, I found that it will help in bring unity to your art . Something about them are so pleasing to the eye. I enjoy all the different texture he tends to get as well.

Cypresses and Two Women(1890)
Landscape at Twilight(1890)

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