Education in the age of Financial Ignorance

American people generally are extremely uninformed when it comes to money and personal finances. Expecting an untrained person to be able to handle the heavy burden of Personal Economics is like Putting a child into such a position.

Many people are forced by circumstance to take care of finances without any prior training.

A person can easily become overwhelmed trying to figure things out for themselves.

the fact is that Most people just don't know what to do. One way to inform people would be through a mandatory high school class.

Middle school kids are too young to fully comprehend the subject matter of Financial education and personal economics. They are limited by their understanding and lack of prior training.

After graduating, it is too late to teach most people, as they are already having to deal with taxes, loans, and payments.

Students in High School are old enough to understand the type of material covered in such a class before having to apply this knowledge as an adult. Including classes later in a student's high school career can also lend to more retention of information.


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