Malvern Collegiate Institute Grade 8 Parent Information Night 2020-21

Malvern Collegiate Institute is a public secondary school in the area known as the Beach (Beaches), in the east end of Toronto. We are a school rooted in a long-standing history of academic and extra-curricular excellence with a close connection to the Beach community. We are dedicated to developing the whole student, and to providing our students with the knowledge, skills, and experience to become active and successful citizens in the global community. We offer a wide range of programs such as Art, Music, Drama, Business, Technology, English, Modern languages, History, Geography, Mathematics, Sciences, Physical and Health Education, and more!! We also have full Extended French and French Immersion programs. Students are encouraged to get involved in any of our many clubs, competitive sports teams and leadership programs.

For more information visit our website: http://schools.tdsb.on.ca/malvern/

Message from the Principal

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Karyn Bugelli, ACL Student Services & Equity, Student Voice & Leadership


Lisa Bourgard, ACL Student Success & Catherine Alexander, ACL Special Education



There are many initiatives and opportunities provided for Malvern students interested in Business. You can become involved in Business Council. This council organizes guest speakers, field trips and leadership activities for the school and community. You could also join DECA which provides case competitions to build your skills and abilities as well as earn awards recognized by post-secondary institutions. The Business department hosts many Lunch and Learn sessions on various topics such as Job Trends, and Post-Secondary Business Programs. Classes also participate in a wide variety of field trips and activities such as a tour of Scotiabank Arena, Hockey Hall of Fame, Ripley's Aquarium, and Rogers Centre, as well as participate in various Junior Achievement workshops and initiatives. All these opportunities help grow, develop, and prepare our students for various Business and related career areas during their years at Malvern.

Examples of some unique and rewarding opportunities through the Business Department

Canada and World Studies and Social Science

Catherine Hunnisett, History and Civics, ACL

Evan Grant, Geography and Social Sciences, ACL

Some more teachers and projects!

English Department

Some great English department pictures !


Liz Barsby, Mathematics, ACL

Liam O'Mara, Moderns, ACL

Watch this video to find out more information about the Moderns department and French Immersion and French extension pathways at Malvern


Malvern's music program is second to none. Our dedicated teachers, Mr. Falla and Ms. Norris work tirelessly to provide an enriching and rewarding experience to Malvern's music students.

Mr. Falla
Ms. Norris

This video highlights some of the amazing opportunities provided by our Concert Choir, Concert Band, Jazz Choir, Jazz Band, Dance Band, Drumline, Jazz Combo, and String Ensemble just to name a few.

Many extracurricular activities allow students to perform at multiple venues


Our Drama students are committed and passionate. Some things that grade 8 students interested in drama can look forward to are participating in children's theatre, Gr 11 Docudramas, the Grade 12 "Who am I?" and some years be involved in putting on a full musical theatre production. But if you don't believe us, just listen to the students!

Visual Art

The Visual Arts Department at Malvern offers comprehensive Art courses from grade 9 to 12. Each course includes learning experiences with a variety of media: Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, Printmaking and Multi-Media. In grade 9 we also offer NAC1O: Expressions in Indigenous Cultures. This is a Visual Arts course that includes a rich experience in which you also learn about Art and Culture of Indigenous Peoples in Canada.

The Department also hosts Media Arts in grades 11 and 12. In this program you get to explore Photoshop, Animation, Digital Music and Video



Malvern prides itself on providing multiple opportunities to participate in a variety of sports. We have many dedicated teachers and community members who work hard to provide positive and successful experiences to our students.

Girls and Boys Volleyball

Boys and Girls' Soccer

Field Hockey

Cross Country

Water Polo


Table Tennis

Swim Team


Baseball and Softball




Ski and Snowboard



Ultimate Frisbee

Clubs and Councils


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