Trinidad and Tabago

Climate: It is a very hot dry climate year around.

Major crop exports: cocoa, coffee, and beans.

Favorite foods: chicken, pasta, and duck.

Main appetizer: pholouri- balls of split peas served in a thin sweet chutney sauce.

Main entreè: Palau- rice based dish with stewed chicken and bread fruit oil down.

Dessert: upside down chocolate pudding- a pudding like pie with a thin biscuit crust

The Muslim festival of Hosein, with its drum-beating and in the old days stick-fighting is the only festival which is known; Negroes sometimes beat the drums. Indian weddings are also known. There is little interest in the ritual; it is known only that food is given to all comers." Creole knowledge of Indian rites is now considerable, as is their participation as guests at these events. Food is important in both Hindu and Muslim celebrations. In Christian families, sorrel, made from a flower, and ponche de creme, a kind of eggnog with rum, are typical Christmas drinks. Ham and pastelles are Christmas fare.

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