Doctorswithout Borders Done by Ayme, nora and marvin

Organization & Location:

Doctors Without Borders was founded in 1971 by a group of doctors and periodists

The head offices are located in Paris, Bruselas, Amsterdam, Spain and Ginebra.


DWB doesn't help people just giving money, they use the donations for construct houses, give warm food and transport medicines to unevolved civilizations.


Abelson Taylor, Inc. MasterCard Internacinal Inc., Top Chef Masters, etc.

Actually DWB are helping lot of countries like in Haiti, with the cholera epidemic. In Morocco with the Saharauis, in Nigeria with the sida.

And in more places around the world. Also in Russia, France and in Germany they protect to the immigrants and they give out food, places to sleep to them.


NPR talks to DWB physician, Sarah Giles, who spent 4 months on a search and rescue boat in the Mediterranean. Giles shares stories of the women whom she met during the search and rescue efforts.

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