Samaritan House Silent Auction Combating violence against women

Domestic violence touches more lives than we will ever realize. And I t leaves a mark on those who experience it - the women themselves, and often their children, too

I was raised by an amazing young, single mother who sacrificed so much to raise us by herself, against so many obstacles and challenges. And on that journey, domestic violence touched our lives more than once.

One of my most frightening memories is running down the street gripping my mother and brother's hand, hoping he wouldn't find us. Knowing what would happen if he did.

Even after the immediate danger passes, it leaves a wake. How to get away, where to live, how to start again. Sometimes we see the pattern repeat, sometimes we see people lose the ability to trust ... so many variations.

When Dana Poole asked me to donate a few paintings for the Samaritan House fundraiser, I was glad to do so. And as the dates for the fundraiser got closer, I found myself reflecting on the subject of domestic violence more and more.

Sometimes getting away from that cycle of violence requires help. A place to stay, a new start.

I am still learning all of what Samaritan House does, but I know that they work every day to help combat violence against women, and to break that cycle of violence.

And so, the paintings ... I tried to pour that strong spirit of women like my Mom and so many others, into these paintings. Full of life and hope and promise and emotion.

They are a few of my favorite girls ... full of paint and ink and love and hope. I hope you will bid generously - to support this important cause ...and get a lovely little mixed media girl as your reward for doing so.

This is literally life-changing work that Samaritan House does. And I am thrilled that we can all play a small part to help make itheir work possible. Please check out their website at

Here's are all the paintings up for auction. The logistics are at the bottom of the story.


The silent auction will be posted to an album on Facebook.

A minimum bid will be set for each painting,and you can bid by simply commenting on the image with your bid amount, in bid increments of $5 if you want to raise a bid. The auction will remain open for one week - ending during the Serve Love Heal party next Saturday, May 6th at 8pm.


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