Jordan Robinson 5/1/17 G-Hour

Values and Leadership

Values are defined as a persons principles of standards of behavior. The different aspects that people value influence how they view and judge leadership.
"The contradiction in our common understanding clouds not only the clarity of our thinking and scholarship; it shapes the quality of leadership we praise, teach, and get."

Leadership does not equal Authority

Leadership does not equal authority. Someone who has authority doesn't have to be a leader. In all honesty we truly do not know the definition of leadership or what makes someone a leader. We can only go by our values and change. Heifetz said "Species change as the genetic program changes; cultures change by learning."

Disequilibrium Dynamics

"Indeed, achieving adaptive change probably requires sustained periods of disequilibrium.

Nazi Germany

Hilter is known for the vicious crimes that he committed on the Jews in Germany. Even though what he did was absolutely wrong, there is no denying that Hilter could be considered a good leader. Hilter was able to influence and convinced people that there should be a "land free of Jews."

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