Foodtopia "Your Goal is our goal"

"Everyone should have a chance to achieve their dream. We will foster an environment that makes that possible."

Foodtopia is a place where you can pursue your dreams without needing to worry about hunger or haters. We provide you with food and a home because money is worthless. Here at Foodtopia you can be what you want to be!

All you need to do to join our community is have an open mind. If you swear to abide by the membership policy, then you can join! Come to our acceptance building in Rome and fill out some paperwork. Well, what are you waiting for! Join today!

Our location

come to our Italian Utopia!
beautiful food!

A typical day

  • A typical day is little like your life, just better!
  • You go to your job (whatever job you want) so that you are not idle.
  • eat whenever you want.
  • care for your family (if you want one).
  • and have FUN!


The government here is not restricting. A democracy will let you make the choices. They make sure you can be what you want to and that you don't break the JayThay code. Your leaders will not need taxes and will have your benefit in mind. Be a good citizen, and you will like it here!

Join Foodtopia for a life made for you! A life where there is no hunger and restrictions.

So, do you think this place is right for you? If you want freedom and a happy life, join Foodtopia today!

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