Result of the Cross What the new covenant means for all

Jesus and His coming, His death and resurrection and return to earth in the Spirit is not a clever method of continuing the fall with marginal improvements. Adam has been undone and Jesus has been manifest and multiplied in all who take His name. The knowledge of good and evil has been revealed as vanity and life in God in Jesus Christ is revealed as life to the full. Far from becoming as gods in separation from God we we become sons of God in union with God through Jesus Christ.

Born Again

By agreeing to be received into Jesus' life, we are received into the fellowship of the trinity and we become sons and daughters of God in spirit and in truth. Father God is totally trustworthy as has been revealed in the life of Jesus, His Son. In being born again we grow up into who we actually are in Jesus. He is not only the way to salvation but the way to the authentic us.

To see Jesus is to see our Father. But there's more. To see Jesus is to see yourself. This is who you are as your real self; who you are in His grace and who you are as son/daughter of God.

There's a real Jesus and a real you in Jesus

Just as there is a real you and the you that is not you - so there is a real Jesus and a constructed Jesus. The latter Jesus is the creation of our fear, Christian myths and the he distorted Jesus that results from framing Him in the law. There is a real Jesus. the Jesus who is the I AM OF GOD and the I am of Himself. He delights in revealing Himself in spirit and in truth to our spirit and our soul. he draws all men and women to Himself.

Christ is our life in every way. He is who we are and He is the vicarious humanity of us all. This means that He represents us towards God and towards heaven in every possible way. There is no link that you need to forge yourself.

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