Hope International By: Hope Frederick

What Hope International Does

Hope International gives loans or money so that people can invest in business, school funds or even saving for the future. For the people that can not pay for their own needs are given a chance from Hope International. That is why you should donate and give to Hope International because you could be helping someone show their true potential.

Kids and their parents could be running a great business but they do not have enough money so they can not show what they could really do. Giving them what they need to start a new chance in life is what Hope International does. The family that is not lucky enough to be given to by Hope International could live on the street or their kids could not go to school if you do not help in any way that you can.

Hope International puts smiles on these kids faces

Hope International helped a women named Giselle to pay for her business giving to this foundation will help everyone have a chance for a better life. Giving just the smallest amount will change someones life forever.

My opinion is that giving people a chance to make a better life for themselves and there family is very important. I feel like a lot of families have big dreams and big things they could do but they don't have enough money to do any of it.

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