Boom to Bust From the roaring '20s to the Great depression

Family leisure '20s
Housewife of the 20's
Poor living conditions in the '30s
Flappers on a building edge '20s
Housewife responsibilities of the '30s
African American singer and musicians 20's
African American family during the Depression
African Americans in a breadline, strict contrast from the billboard
Wealthy women in the 30's
Cotton Club New Year's Ball in the 1920s
Outside of Cotton Club 20's
People gathered outside of cinemas, 30's
Leisure magazine from 30's
Brokers reading stock receipts 20's
Buying stocks 20's
Car industry 1920s
Stock market crash Santa Ana newspaper
Wall Street, Black Tuesday, October 29, 1929
Rushing to withdraw savings from the bank
Car industry after laying off workers 1930s
Searching for a job
Symbolizing stockbrokers at the end of the 1920s
Selling apples as income
Hoovervilles or Shantytowns
Stockbroker selling car for money
Created By
Jewel-Rose Johnson

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