Native American How Europeans affect the lives of native americans

The Native Americans and colonists cooperated at first and helped each other with things and introduce them to new things and learn from one another but then Europeans started to get them to sign unfair treaties and stealing their land. Colonists and Europeans affected the lives of Native Americans by taking their lands away, taking the resources away, and causing war with each other.

Native Americans were affected by Europeans took their land away using unfair. Sly as a fox, colonists tricked Native Americans into thinking these treaties would actually benefit them. The text states, “These treaties, however were not always fair. The goal of many treaties was to remove American Indians from their lands.” Europeans were unfair to American Indians because they wanted land for themselves and they don’t care for others. I think that many Europeans were selfish and only care about themselves. The Indians, however, did not know what these treaties were and did not know other tribe leaders were paid to sign certain treaties. Even though many treaties were unfair, the treaty of Doak's Stand gave the Choctaw Tribe but under the pressure of white settlements they now have 5,000,000 acres of land in january 8, 1821 and took place in the united states. The treaty of Doak’s Stand gave a tribe many The text states,”Other times,some leaders of a group would be paid to sign over lands without the approval of other groups’ leaders.” I think at that times Europeans would do anything including pay one tribe’s leader to sign off the land without the approval of many other groups.

Treaty of Doak's Stand for the Choctaw

Native Americans lost their resources to Europeans. According to the text, Spain took gold and silver from the Aztecs in Mexico.” This tells me both Spain and Europeans had stole many resources from Native Americans. However, Indians and Europeans also depended on each other for their needs along with their resources. Even though they depended on each other they also fought for land, like in 1763, the Iroquois claimed New York and lots of other lands. Colonists took away native American resources and forced them to learn their way as they took away their resources. One source says.’’ Over time, American Indians began to depend on these Europeans goods and resources, which changed their way of life.” Europeans not only took their resources but they also depended on the Native Americans and the Natives depended on them.

The gold Spain took from Aztecs in Mexico.

The Europeans started a massacre with their American Indian allies. The Iroquois fought with the british, side by side, hoping to gain trust and their resources back. The text states, ”One night the colonists and their American Indian allies set fire to a Pequot village and killed hundreds of people. This is called a massacre, or the cruel killing of many people.” This is because most Europeans had no interest in the Native Americans and just wanted to take them for granted. These massacres are not any different from wars and battles. According to the text,” these massacres differ from wars and battles because some were done under the waving of white flags, and promises of safety.” This Massacre is like the Pequot War that lasted from 1636 to 1637. This is like the Pequot war because the Pequot war was similar to many other battles and massacres because it was dangerous like all other wars and massacres. This war was because of a conflict between the Pequot tribe and an alliance of the English Colonists of the Massachusett Bay. I know these massacres aren’t any different from wars and battles because they are all dangerous.

In conclusion, there were many conflicts between Native Americans and Europeans. Europeans have taken the Native American’s resources away and taken their land away, too. Europeans have also created wars between them and Native Americans.

The pequot war was very similar to the massacres that Europeans and Colonists started. The pequot war went one for 1 whole year. The pequot war lasted from 1636 to 1637 and was very dangerous. The pequot war started because of a conflict between the pequot tribe and an alliance of English Colonists of Massachusetts Bay. The results of the war was that pequot lost the war. The treaty of Hartford. The pequot war was located in New England.

1492: Columbus first makes contact with Native Americans

1513: Juan Ponce de Leon explores Florida and comes into contact with Native Americans.

1539: Hernando de Soto lands in Tampa Bay, Florida and kills 100 native warriors

1636: Pequot War

1640: Beaver War

1763: The iroquois claiming land

1821: Treaty of Doak’s Stand

1890: Wounded Knee

1864: Sand Creek Massacre

1838: Trail of tears

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