Unwind kaitlyn dennis

I am an action filled book, and I'm entertaining, suspenseful, and futuristic. I'm very entertaining and will keep you on the edge of your seat. My suspense will probably get on your nerves because you have to read the whole book to figure out what happens, and even then it doesn't end fully. I'm set in a time that is a little ahead of our time right now.

I see myself fitting in with science fiction and dystopian books. That's where I would fit in the most because I have both of those vibes in my book. If you like the huger games and divergent, then you'll probably like me.

I'm from Akrin, Ohio, and sometimes you can find me in Joplin, Missouri. I was born after the second Civil War, so I'm futuristic. In my setting it's normal for kids to be aborted between the ages of 13-18.

My cover looks very scary in my opinion, which for some people brings them in and wants them to read it. I look like a thriller or a mystery book by the cover, and those genres are some peoples favorites.

What makes me unique is that I have won many awards for my book including Best Books for Young Adults, and many more. It also has a deep and dark storyline because of the getting unwind or getting ripped apart and unwillingly giving your organs to other kids.


1. Compassionate

2. Agressive

3. Daring

Excerpt from book: "But each time a new group shows up and Lev isn't among them, a sense of despair worms its way through Connor's gut. It makes Connor angry that he feels this way, and he suspects this is the part of the anger that fuels the fight he gets into."

This excerpt applies to all three character traits I chose. It shows he is compassionate because it's showing he cares about Lev, and is worrying about him and why he isn't showing up. It also shows he is aggressive though, because it shows that fiery side of him that is triggered when people defy or betray him. Lastly, it shows he's daring because at the end it says that the anger fuels the fight he later gets into. To get in a fight is pretty daring, depending on who you're fighting.

picture representing the 3 character traits


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