Syrian Refugees By: Evan Ward

I am in support of The United States accepting Syrian refugees who are leaving Syria due to war.

The issue of Syrian refugees has been a hot topic in this nation since the beginning of the Syrian civil war back in 2011. Since the war started 4.81 million Syrians have had to flee their country with 6.3 million people displaced within Syria. With a surplus of refugees fleeing to countries like Turkey and Jordan, the United States has been encouraged to house some of these refugees as well.

Of course there is much opposition to this idea and many reasons as to why this could be dangerous, but there is also a great need present. These people are not all terrorists, these are families who are escaping their homes that have turned into war zones. These refugees can be active members of society and a plan can be made so that they are only here for a short time period. They do not have to be a burden unless we make them out to be one.

This topic is important to me because over winter break I worked with many refugees and their families and it opened my eyes, showing me that the only difference between them and me is the place that we came from. The parents were loving, and wanted the best for their children and the children just wanted to have fun and learn.

I hope to answer questions such as. Why these refugees are in need? What we can do about it? How this can be beneficial to our country? and ultimately, Why we should do this?

This topic is important because the decisions made concerning this refugee crisis has the impact to change the cultural landscape of our country. I hope to find solid evidence that approval of this decision can benefit us all; refugees as well as citizens. I also hope to inform the audience of the tremendous need that is present.


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