Academic Dishonesty BY ruth galvez

Cheating on homework and on test has become easy in this generation. Some students see cheating as a normal thing. “It's something that I've seen constantly, that when I see it happening nothing really goes through my head” said Tuong Dang a bearcat from Paso Robles High School. The reasons to these actions are that students are getting loads of homework and some students say that many homework have become “busy work”. Students feel that busy work is getting in their way of having fun with their friends, sports, and being able to have have time for themselves and family. A senior at Paso Robles High School says that some teachers are not understanding that there are students that have a job and problems at home that getting homework or studying for a test is hard to do. Students in school are getting stressed about college some are afraid that their GPA will go down and it will be harder to get in the Universities they want, so these students are willing to cheat their way to getting good grades. Sonia Garcia claims that “ I dont think its fair when I see people cheat because mostly all of them get away with it and get a better grade than those who actually studied hard to get a good grade, I just don't think they deserve a good grade for cheating.” 46% of students state that they feel guilty cheating in test because they feel like there are people who worked hard. Teachers are not noticing that their students are cheating on test or students are copying homework, 69% of Bearcats admit that they see cheating going on in their classes, during lunch, and nutrition. 61% of students who say they have cheated have A’s and B’s, the main reasons to these action are that bearcats are worried their grades will drop if not turned in on time or if not done correctly.

“It's something that I've seen constantly, that when I see it happening nothing really goes through my head”- Tuong Dang

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