The Road to Sainthood: Katharine Drexel By: Billy mcnamara, Cindy HernaNdez, Mason Halm

Saint Katherinre Drexel was born on November 26, 1858 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

In her early life the civil right movement was in full swing. Growing up in this time period effected her life largely, because she would later become an activist for African, and Native American rights.

In 1891 Katharine left her life as and heiress to become a nun. With the help of other nuns The Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament for Indians and Colored People.

Drexel and 15 of her fellow sisters set up a school for Native Americans in Santa Fe, New Mexico, in 1894. She also founded a secondary school for African Americans in New Orleans, Louisiana, in 1915.

She was canonized on October 1st, 2000. She had a relatively short period of time from death to canonization. The two miracles that were founded in the canonization process were; one, a ninth grader, Robert Guntherman, who had an ear ache. His mom brought him to the doctor where he was told that his eardrum was destroyed and he would not be able to hear again. His mother prayed to Katharine and a few months later he was able to hear again.

The second miracle founded in relation to Katharine Drexel was, when a baby named Amy Walls was born with a hearing defect and told he would never be able to hear. Her mother saw a documentary on TV about Robert Guntherman and then she prayed to Katharine and held a relic to the baby's ear and the baby was now able to hear.

Katharine Drexel's feast day is the 3rd of March, which is also the day she died.

Katharine Drexel is the patron of Racial Justice, this is because she threw her ministry did so much work for African Americans and Native Americans. Experiencing the civil rights movement in her life was a large influence on why she choose to do so much work in this department.

St. Katherine Drexel is a inspiration to us all because of her many great qualities including her outstanding bravery, acceptance, Caring mentality and much more. We should lobe as including as her and live in the way that she once did and how Jesus did.

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