Getting Started with Learnics' Thinking App

Step 1

Log in with any Google account

Step 2

Choose your organization

Step 3

Select or create a course

Step 4

Select or create an assignment

Each new assignment will have it's own unique assignment code for students to use.

Step 5

Students install the ThinkingApp

Technical Assistance

Many individual teachers are looking forward to experimenting with the ThinkingApp. Students can either download the Chrome extension here: www.learnics.com, or you can make the extension available to students on your district’s extension website. Many districts are able to do this without a problem, however, some districts may filter certain sites necessary for the download.

To use ThinkingApp, students need access to these sites:

  • https://www.google-analytics.com/
  • https://ssl.gstatic.com/
  • http://firebase.com
  • https://firebase.google.com/
  • https://firestore.googleapis.com/
  • https://learnics-web-page.firebaseapp.com
  • https://learnics-web-page.firebaseio.com

These are all Google sites, and cannot be blocked by any content filter.

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