Alexander the great

Alexander 111 of Macedon(336-323 B.C.E) known as Alexander the great, and one of history's most successful commanders.

Alexander the great was a son pf Philip 11 who conquered many states of Greek, and did establish Macedonian kingdom. In the last days of his life he wanted to invade Persia to make his kingdom more powerful. For this, he wanted to give Alexander the great quality of education. So, he invited Aristotle to educate his son Alexander the great.
Aristotle was one of the great philosophers of his time was basically received education from Plato who was the student of Socrates. Aristotle accepted the invitation, and gave his all knowledge, and skills to the Alexander the great. Aristotle influenced Alexander the great.
Alexander, the great had developed a personal relationship with the mentor Aristotle, and learned a lot from him such as ethics, politics, philosophy, medicine. Alexander studies three years with his mentor Aristotle. At the same time, his father Philip asked Alexander to come back because he was organizing his troops against Byzantium. and wanted Alexander to serve a s a master of his kingdom..
So, Alexander returned back to his father, and within a year he took his first journey against the Thracian tribes. However, later on Alexander distanced himself from his father, after his father got married to Cleopatra. Alexander fled Macedon, and started living in Epirus with his mother as a king.
After a while Alexander's father Philip was assassinated. The reason behind his assassination was unknown, and it is still not known that why, and who killed Philip. However, right after his assassination Alexander became real king now.
Alexander, after the death of his father took charged as a king and as a commander. of Macedonia. His first war was against Persia, and Egypt. He conquered the Persian empire, and became Persian king as well. Further he also conquered Egypt, but wasn't really interested in taking charge of Egypt.; so, he left Egypt for further places or lands to conquer.
After the first victory against Persia, Alexander entered India through a river Jhelum, and tried to invade India, but could not invade India because he was stopped by an Indian King there. However, he continued his journey. He made new roads there for trade purposes. Spices from India, and silk from China was started trading, was very famous in Greece.In return Greek fish, oil, and wine started exporting to Asia.
Alexander was now Alexander the great, and king of Persian empire. Now mixed cultures of his empire was a major issue. His empire people spoke many different languages such as Persia, Greek, Egypt, and Macedonia. In order to unite his mixed and multi linguistic empire , he gave order of intermarriages including himself married to Persian princess, and many other wives from different countries.
In the last days, Alexander went to Babylon. He became very sick, he got high fever. He was very ill for certain days. He couldn't walk to talk. Finally, he passed away at the ago of thirty two.

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