Deloitte. by Matt Quinlan

"Our vision and strategy, developed in collaboration with leadership and member firm partners from around the world, focuses on working together As One across geographic, functional, and business borders to deliver excellence in all of the services provided by the member firms."- Deloitte Mission Statement

Founded in 1845 (UK)

Headquartered in New York, NY

4 Areas of Business: Audit, Advising, Consulting, and Tax

Revenue: 7.53 Billion Dollars per year

One of the "Big 4" Accounting firms

Why Work at Deloitte?

- Highest Rated CEO of 2016 (Cathy Engelbert)

- 80% of Employees Recommend to a friend

- #1 Accounting Firm based on Revenue, #2 Vault Prestigious Accounting Firms, #1 Formal Training

- Celebrate each employees uniqueness

- Offices In Jacksonville, Florida

What's Available?

- Currently 3,021 U.S. Jobs Available (374 current accounting/auditing)

- Located in 150 Countries, employ 220,000 people worldwide

- Wide range of jobs centered around Tax, Audit, Financial Advisory and Consulting

- Undergraduate programs include internships, conferences, service programs, and different competitions


Current News

- Leading a study called Technology Fast500

- Sponsoring the Ether Camp "Hackathon"

- Predicted U.S. deficit will grow during more than originally predicted Trump's first year of office


- Deloitte is a very profitable company with a wide array of job opportunities

- Stresses a diverse workplace centered around their unique employees

- Has a very strong presence outside of the office

- High Employee Ratings/Recommendations


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