Newsletter 6th July 2018

From the Head

As the term draws to an end, it is time for us to start our farewells to the Year 6 children, most of whom have been with us from Nursery or Reception. The first of these celebrations has been the opportunity for me to invite them to an afternoon tea to celebrate their time at St Olave’s and to spend some quality time with them before their busy last couple of weeks. The children have been excellent company and I am so proud to have every single one of them at St Olave’s. They are all excited about the future but full of fantastic memories about their time at St Olave’s; we have had a lot of giggles! The children have done us and their parents proud, and while we will hear more about their amazing achievements next Friday at Presentation Evening, I am personally so proud of their incredible achievements, both academically, musically, on the sports field and personally. They are all moving onto a range of outstanding secondary schools, where I am confident that they will continue to succeed. Well done Year 6 - Class of 2018!

The ice lollies being sold after school on Monday and this afternoon were very welcome in the ongoing heat! A huge thank you to the parents that organised the sale and to everyone for supporting by buying ice lollies.

I am looking forward to seeing many of you at the FRSC barbeque tomorrow and am a little excited to watch the England match too! Hopefully it won’t be as nail biting as Tuesday’s game and will be over within 90 minutes!

Whether you are watching the game here, elsewhere or not at all, I wish you all a happy and relaxing weekend and hope that you manage to stay cool in this heatwave!

Kind regards, Miss Holloway

Year 6

This week has been incredibly busy. We are now carrying out full run throughs of ‘Alice in Wonderland Junior’ and the children have wowed us with their dedication. On Thursday, we were joined by the whole of Upper School and saw their amazing dance routines. They have worked incredibly hard over the past few weeks and it has definitely been worth it! On Monday the children in Year 6 had a visit from a speaker from Transport for London. This is in preparation for their journeys to secondary school in September. The children had a good prior knowledge and were able to answer many questions James had for them. The children were interested to find out about ‘Zip’ cards for travel and what to do in case of an emergency. In science this week, the children made their own catapults using a teaspoon, elastic bands and lolly pop sticks - we spotted some excellent teamwork and the children had a good understanding of using trial and error to perfect their prototypes!

Year 5

It has been another busy week for Year 5. in maths, we have spent the week revising long division. We realised how important it is to write out the multiples for the times table first and then follow the method: divide, find the multiple, subtract, bring down, repeat. We applied these skills to solve some division word problems. We have also carried on with our 11+ prep and despite this hot weather, the children have all been working hard to try their best.

We have also been very busy rehearsing for the Year 6 presentation evening of “Alice in Wonderland”. We have really pleased with the children’s focus to learn the songs and their dance for the evening. Please can we ask that the children have their costumes ready in time for our dress rehearsal next Friday 13th. We have their cards tabards in school so they only need to bring in black plimsolls and black clothes next week.

On Tuesday, we held an election for our new School Parliament members. We were very impressed by all of the children’s presentations and it was clear that they had put a lot of thought into their speeches. In Year 6, we are lucky enough to have two class representatives so next year 6B’s members will be Tishe and Yasmin and 6M’s will be Adrian and Malou - well done to you all. We know they are going to be excellent MPs! We have also been very proud of retiring MPs Savannah and Grace for all of their hard work this year.

Year 4

A very busy week in Year 4, from MP elections to cheese research and church creation to presentation evening rehearsals, there has been a lot going on!

Thank for you the support you have given the children in learning songs words and our dance. They are looking amazing in rehearsals and we have been considering the importance of timing in our actions to ensure our final piece is polished! Just a reminder that costumes need to be ready in time for our dress rehearsal next Friday, 13th July. We have all of the masks in school so it is just the clothes - including a pair of black plimsolls- that need to be provided.

We were very impressed by the presentations of manifestos from budding members of parliament. It was clear that a lot of effort had gone in to thinking about the issues that were important to them. All candidates presented very clearly and confidently to the rest of the class and the results were extremely close. We are pleased to announce that the 2 children elected to represent the classes when they move up to Year 5 are Francis Denny and Charlie Gunning. Well done!

Year 3

Year 3 have begun to focus on our final IPC topic: Different Places, Similar Lives. We looked at life, particularly of children and their time at school, in parts of India. It was amazing how many similarities we found between their experiences and those that we have in the UK. Children in India go to school, they have lessons, playtime, lunchtime and even homework! So we discovered that, despite being on a different continent and having different customs and beliefs, people in India have many of the same experiences as we do in the United Kingdom.

Therefore, it was fantastic when some of our Year 3 children, who follow the Hindu religion, were able to present a special lesson featuring religious celebrations and customs. As can be seen from the photographs, Agasthya, Vir, Aanya, Gayatri, Jia, Karthik and Abeishan dressed for the occasion and presented their information effectively to a fascinated audience. Thank you so much for sharing your faith with us. Thanks also to the parents who supported and helped the children prepare for their presentations.

Next week it will be the final rehearsals and performances of ‘Alice in Wonderland’. If your child’s (green) costume is ready, they can bring it to school from Monday 9th July onwards. It can be left in school until needed and allows us to see how our budding actors will actually appear in the show. Thank you for your cooperation, as always.

Now, casting your minds back to the half term holiday! For homework, we asked the children to prepare and cook a balanced meal. We were so impressed by the children’s knowledge, photos and recipes we asked our chef, Mrs Elphinstone to have a look at the meals the children had created. Equally impressed, she has chosen a recipe to be cooked for the whole school. Congratulations to Jia in 3H, whose stuffed peppers will be on the menu very soon!

Finally, congratulations to Vir (3H) and Trey (3S) who were elected as new MPs for the St Olave’s Parliament when they are in Year 4. Good luck to them both!

Year 2

The children have been busy getting ready for the meal they will be serving to you next Thursday. We do not want to give too much away but we hope it will be a great way to finish our IPC topic of We are what we Eat. They made some delicious sandwiches on Wednesday with some very inventive ways of displaying them. Thank you so much for providing the children with their ingredients. We have two more swimming lessons left for this school year. Next week, the children will be assessed to see how far they can now swim. On the last lesson, Tuesday 17th July, we would like all children to bring an old t-shirt in addition to their swimming kit. We are going to be learning water safety and the children will be asked to wear this item of clothing in the pool. Therefore, please ensure that it is a fairly old t-shirt (as it will lose its colour). Please do not send in a proper swimming top as these are designed for the pool and we want the children to experience wearing “real” clothing in water, ready for the holidays! We will, of course remind you about this extra bit of swimming kit in next week’s newsletter!

Year 1

Three weeks ago, Year 1 welcomed some caterpillars into their classrooms. For the past three weeks, the children have been observing them and watching their transformation into butterflies. This week, the time came for the children to say goodbye and let them fly away and be free!

Thank you for helping your children to prepare their manifestos ready for the School Parliament elections. Both classes held secret votes to elect their new class representatives. All the children listened carefully and thoughtfully to the ideas and promises of each candidate. They all made considered votes and were excited to find out that Eniz and Athena will be the new members of School Parliament. We have been so proud of Femi and Astala for all their hard work this year as the Year 1 representatives.

The children enjoyed their final visit to the library this year and were excited to learn about this year’s summer reading challenge. This is a great opportunity for the children to continue their excellent reading during the holidays.


Even though we have had a week without any events or trips the children have been very busy. They have coped very well in the heat (let’s not complain!) and have given their best to everything that we have done. Water has been used extensively outside and no one has minded getting wet as it has kept us all cool. Bubble making was a popular activity this morning.

On the other hand last Friday’s disco for our children and Year 1 was a very hot and sticky affair and that included the sweets in-between the pass the parcel wrapping. Children showed us their moves and they danced the conga several times. Ice lollies melted quicker than could be eaten, adding to the summer atmosphere.


The focus for this week in Nursery was road safety. The Junior Travel Ambassadors have been regularly visiting the children to share with them important road safety messages. Through stories and role-play the children have learnt about safe places to cross the road and important rules that they need to follow. On Wednesday Chrissie Lollipop spent the morning with us, finding out how much the children have learnt. She was really impressed with their knowledge and understanding. Each child received a fabulous goody bag, containing road safety stories, stickers and a certificate. The children were delighted and extremely proud of their achievements.

Upper School Poetry Recital

On Thursday the whole school were treated to a Poetry recital. For the past couple of months the Upper School children, in their Houses - Owls, Hawks, Kestrels and Eagles have been learning and preparing for the Poetry Recital competition. Each house learnt a poem to recite from heart, and performed it to the rest of the school, and our judge - Mrs O’Mahony. We had ‘Walking with my Iguana’ by Brian Moses for Owls, ‘Eat your Veg’ by Valerie Bloom for Eagles, ‘Jim, who ran away from his Nurse, and was eaten by a Lion’ by Hilaire Belloc for Kestrels and ‘This is London’ by Silent Dogwood for Hawks. The winning house was … Hawks! Mrs O’Mahony commented on how it was such a hard decision for her, all of the houses performed their poem extremely well.

Sports News

This week, the children from St Olave’s Years 5 and 6 competed in a cricket fixture against Crook Log primary. It was great to see how much progress the children have made during this fixture. Year 6 showed a great team spirit and togetherness as they come out comfortable winners during their fixture. Year 5 demonstrated great control and execution of skill during their fixture with a number of different Year 5’s striking the ball well to the boundary! Both year groups ended the fixture with victories, but I was most impressed with their sportsmanship throughout and after the game. A big well done to all the children who took part!

Mr Kendall

Upper School Mini Marathon

Due to the scorching weather on Sports Day we moved the House mini marathon to the Upper School Games lesson this week. The children all took part and showed great team spirit and sportsmanship! The winning children in each year group are pictured below.

Well done everyone! Miss Ireland

In school singing lessons

Please follow the link below to listen to the St Olave’s children’s wonderful rendition of a Million Dreams from the Greatest Showman.


Saturday Gardening Club Ice Lolly Sale

A huge thank you to everyone who bought ice lollies on Monday and Friday to raise some funds for the school allotments. I will let you know the final total next week. Many thanks to the parents who set this up and to all of the families who join our fortnightly Gardening Gang helping keep the allotments in great shape. The next and final one of this academic year will be Saturday 14th July from 10am until 12pm.

Mr Pradic

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