Good Life Performance: The Divine By: Matthew Freedman

Photos taken by Matthew Freedman

The Spatial Experience

As seen in the picture above, I walked into the theatre hearing that the Good Life play no matter what it was about, was boring and was going to make you want to fall asleep. I still was intrigued and wanted to know what the play was about. When they handed out the brochure I started reading it and became eager to watch this play as it sounded interesting. My seat was perfect, row 8 about right in the middle so I'm not too close to the actors yet not too far to see everything. My seat made my experience that much better as the lights turned down I got the chills. The large audience all turned silent and it was cool as no one looked at their phones and everyone was watching and enjoying the play. Being surrounded by a audience that was eager to watch like myself made the experience the much better.

The Social Experience

I attended the performance all by myself, as I didn't know anyone in my lecture. When I sat down alone i was more focused on the play. However, I saw four of my friends sitting near me and walked over and talked to them for about five minutes before the play started. I liked how I had friends to talk to after the play and got to discuss it yet I didn't sit next to them which helped me focus more and so I didn't get distracted and miss some parts. When I walked out to go to the bathroom I saw Kevaughn Allen was also watching the best player on the UF basketball team. I talked to him for a while and that really made me excited. Sharing my experience socially with others really made me enjoy this play much more than I thought I would.

The Cultural and Intellectual Experience

Photo By David Cooper

This play made me understand people who live in poverty more than before. Growing up in a wealthy family, I still understood the issue and understood and knew people in poverty. Maybe not homeless but struggling to get food on the table week by week. Watching this play made me feel as maybe people on the opposite end of the spectrum of myself feel as if they are mistreated and are told they can't be successful in this world and aren't given the proper resources to do so either. The performance didn't make me change my view on anything really but just made me understand the topic more. The subject matter relates to my personal life a little but has no real correlation which is why I didn't grasp the concept from the start of the play.

The Emotional Experience

Photo By James Strecker

As Dr Pagan said, theater presents topics that basically no one wants to discuss or bring up with others. We the audience have an opportunity of katharsis. After watching the play and learning about the socially uncomfortable topic this play brought up, it made me think about my own emotions and how I react in these situations. This play gives us the audience a chance to cleanse or purify ourselves of the emotions or extreme sense of emotion we have. This play lets us discuss more freely of this topic and allows us to not hold back and tensions we have on this emotional topic.

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