Ms. Elkins is my favorite teacher, but so are my other teachers. They helped me get through kinder, first, second, third, and now fourth. She is also a great teacher.

I have had seven teachers. It has been long since I have wrote about them.

This is my teachers favorite animal. She loves owls.

This owl reminds me of Hedwig, just brown.

Snowy Owl

Don't you think so, too?

This is a very cute owl. All my teachers love this owl

This owl is Ms. Sheppard's favorite owl, my current teacher.

All of my teachers are so nice, except for my kindergarden teacher. She was so bossy. Thinking about it makes me shiver.

Thank You so much, Mrs. Robin, Ms. Rowan, Ms. Robinson, Mrs. Atkins, Mrs. Elkins, Ms. Sheppard, Mrs. Welvaret. Thank you very much

Created By
Payton Land


Created with images by thisgeekredes - "May 095" • depaulus - "bird of prey birds nature" • Kainoki Kaede - "Small Owl Standing on One Foot" • Peter G Trimming - "'Hedwig'" • j.e.mcgowan - "Morepork or Boobook" • rickpilot_2000 - "Very Small Owl" • tallpomlin - "Psychedelic jellyfish" • somethingcommon - "The End"

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